It’s happened to the best of us. The laptop wire snaps, you trip over the dog and break your glasses, or your kid decides to play with your favorite collectible action figure… and pops the head straight off. And now you’re the one faced with figuring out how to fix it.

Now, the “right way” to fix it would naturally be to go to the store, buy the correct replacement parts and get to work. The right way takes time, energy, and money… too many steps.

But what if you could easily fix the problem — making it good as new — while spending only a tiny fraction of the effort?

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, that’s exactly what the creators of Bondic thought! Their liquid plastic welder is a one-stop-shop for fixing those annoyances in your life that always seem to pop up.

Bondic Uses | Fix It The Right Way (Or At Least The Easy Way) With Bondic

Photo by Bondic

“But hey… isn’t that just glue?” you might be asking. Well, this is where Bondic takes a turn. Although it is a liquid adhesive, it’s not glue. It’s far more substantial than that. With glue, you apply it, blow on it, hold pieces together, and ultimately end up with more glue on your fingers than what you were trying to fix. And if you’ve ever Super Glued your fingers, you know how much of a pain it is to get off!

With Bondic, you have a specially designed shaping tool with a built-in UV light. This way, you can fix whatever you need to — whether it’s under the kitchen sink or behind a dark closet.

From snapped eyewear to that stubborn heel that popped off your favorite pair of high-heels, Bondic is the easy-to-use bonding liquid that dries quickly. Plus, with the applicator, you can rest assured you’ll never have a sticky mess on your hands (literally).

This simple tool can replace an entire compartment of glues you have sitting around. We love Bondic because it makes life easier — even if you don’t need it right now, chances are you will soon. Click here to check out Bondic!

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