Jump… jump… and away!

It’s not news to anyone that the pandemic has created a shift in how we work. While many people now work from home (WFH), one thing that many people are still experiencing is how much time they spend sitting.

Now that there’s no need to walk down to another department or even grab that second (or fourth) cup of coffee in the break room, many people who WFH find themselves sitting in bed, the couch, or chair longer than they would if they were in an office setting.

Bouncing is the new standing…

Source: Bellicon


For many, the end of WFH is nowhere in sight, and some are investing in their own items to create more comfortable home offices – such as the popular standing desk.

Bellicon – a company that used to create mini-trampolines they dubbed “rebounders” as part of fitness workouts called “rebounding” – is trying to transition into incorporating these rebounders into the office space.

They can be used as a fun activity during a break, or even hopping on one while working at a standing desk. (But you might not want to use it while on a zoom call…)   

It’s not a circus in the office

Image source: Bellicon


John Hines, Bellicon USA’s director of communications, views the trampolines as something that helps workers move their body throughout the day and be healthier – not just physically, but mentally as well.

In Hines’s personal experience, he states it’s a “euphoric” experience, and he feels more productive when he regularly uses his rebounder while working.  

Before the Covid lockdown, Bellicon was trying to spread their trampoline ideas to many offices and convincing them to dump their desk chairs. Unfortunately, companies didn’t see the value in purchasing them and viewed it as a toy.

But now, since more people WFH, Bellicon is seizing the opportunity to have people invest in a piece of small and lightweight equipment that can easily be stored away.

It’s fun – and good for you too!

Even though the idea didn’t take off in traditional offices, Hines believes that there’s a variety of health benefits to incorporating a mini trampoline such as improving bone strength, cleansing the body of toxins, lubricating joints, and boosting metabolism. But even though there’s some scientific evidence of health benefits, there’s not a lot of consistent support to verify these claims.

The classic bellicon model starts at $549 and could potentially lower the amount that employers spend on healthcare which is on average around $12,800 per employee PER year (that really adds up).

The company hopes that people will soon see it less like a toy, and more of a fun investment in their mental/physical health.

Learn more at bellicon.com

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