Finally! One Simple Trick To Get Your Home Movies & Photos On Your Smartphone (And Computer)

Stop procrastinating! It's time to transfer your VHS, film and photos to DVD and digital today!Do you have a ton of boxes stuffed with tapes, film, and photos packed away collecting dust? Have you thought about transferring them to digital and DVD, but you continue to put it off year after year?

Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone!

According to GfK North America, a top market research company, the average American adult has thousands of analog memories that still need to be converted to digital. That’s right – decades of precious family moments waiting to be watched, shared, and enjoyed by family, friends, and future generations.

Why is everyone procrastinating? Here are the most common responses: Converting your old VHS and film doesn't have to be overwhelming! iMemories makes digitizing old tapes and photos easy!

  • “It’s Daunting And Overwhelming” – Just thinking about the idea of sorting, organizing, and labeling everything
    makes my head spin and stomach turn.
  • “No Idea What’s On Them” –  I don’t own a VCR anymore (let alone a projector), so I can’t check what’s on each tape or film. How will I know which ones I want to convert?
  • “Need a Trustworthy Company” – These memories are one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable. I want to make sure the company I use is reputable and trustworthy.

Any of these sound familiar?

While converting your tapes, film, and photos to digital may feel like a massive undertaking, the truth is, it doesn’t have to be – if you do it the right way.  

For example, what if there was a simple, affordable solution that allowed you to:  

  • Safely ship all of your memories without pre-labeling or organizing them beforehand
  • Track each tape, film, or photo every step of the way, from the time you ship them out to the time they are digital.
  • Receive 100% risk-free quote before purchasing anything.

That would be pretty amazing, right?

If you said YES, you’re going to love today’s discovery!

It’s a company called iMemories, they’re based right here in the U.S., and they’ve already converted over 8 million tapes, film, and photos for 253,512 families (and counting) across the country!

We’ve never seen anything like this before and were so blown away by their service that we had to share it with you! They not only offer everything mentioned above, they also include some incredible (and free!) benefits you won’t find anywhere else.  


What can you expect when you transfer home movies and photos to digital with iMemories?

  • EASILY VIEW your photos and videos on your TV, laptop, smartphone and more!Converting VHS, film, slides, photos and more to digital and DVD is easy now thanks to iMemories!
  • INSTANTLY SHARE your memories with friends and family via Facebook, email, or even text!
  • MAKE DVDs easily and quickly through their website!
  • QUICKLY DOWNLOAD everything to your computer, hard drive or flash drive for safe-keeping.
  • EASILY ORGANIZE and EDIT your videos and photos with their simple drag-and-drop software


If That Isn’t Incredible Enough…

They also fix broken and damaged photos and film (the ones you thought couldn’t be restored), and even enhance the faded and washed-out ones too – AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! Your old photos and film will look like they were shot yesterday – vibrant and clear!


The Best Part Is….

It’s so easy to get started!

  • The Safe Ship Kit from iMemories protects your precious memories - Guaranteed!Step 1 (Pack and Ship) –  Simply order their popular SafeShip Kit (which fully protects your memories during shipping), pack it up with all of your tapes, film, and photos, and ship it back to their office in Scottsdale, AZ for free using their pre-paid UPS shipping label.
  • Step 2 (Risk-Free Quote) – After iMemories scans everything, you’ll receive a 100% Risk-Free Quote before they digitize anything. Once you approve the quote, they’ll immediately start their digitizing magic.
  • Step 3 (Watch, Share, and Enjoy) – Once your memories are digital, you’ll instantly be able to watch them anytime, anywhere, and share them with friends and family for years to come. You’ll even get back all of your originals.

Here’s what Celeste, a recent iMemories customer, had to say about the service:

“I had no idea the level of joy that I would feel by converting my memories to digital. I got so tired of seeing old videos and photo albums taking up space and not being viewed, as well as not knowing how I was going to share them between my three grown sons. I learned about iMemories and decided to give it a try. I was so impressed by the ease of the service and how wonderful it was when I was able to go and view the videos/pictures right on my computer. The memories flooded back, I was like a kid in a candy store looking at footage trying to decide which ones to share with my son’s. I decided to share them all! It was awesome! ~ Celeste R., Thousand Oaks, CA

Right now iMemories is offering 50% off their SafeShip Kits for a limited time only. So if you’re interested in easily converting your old analog memories to digital – now’s the perfect time to do it!

Click here to go to their website and to get the discount.