Welcome to part 4 of our annual Father’s Day Sale!

With Father’s Day around the corner (psst… it’s June 20th), we want to make sure you have plenty of awesome gift ideas that will surprise even those dads who seem to have it all.

Today we’re featuring 10 amazing gifts that will shock you when you see the price… they’re ALL under $50! So whether you’re looking for something special OR you just want to give him the Father’s Day version of a stocking stuffer, you’ll find all sorts of fun gift inspiration below!

Bed Scrunchie: Give His Bed Sheets That 5-Star Hotel Feel With This “360 Degree” Bed Tightening System

With over $2.5 million dollars worth of Bed Scrunchies already sold worldwide, this USA-made sheet holder and extender is growing lightning-fast in popularity! Bed Scrunchie is unlike any other bed tightening system thanks to its “360-degree” technique, which makes his sheets perfectly tight every time (with hardly any effort). It’s the easiest way to help dad make his bed… and enjoy a much better night of rest to boot!

  • Works on ANY bed type & size – and on any size of sheets!
  • Quick and easy to clean (machine washable)
  • Easy to set up – no mattress lifting required!
  • Very easy to use – requires very little effort to maintain
  • Made to last a lifetime with high quality materials
  • More than 80,000 people use Bed Scrunchie already!

Over 2,000 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews and counting!

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Aculief: The All-Natural Device That Relieves His Headaches In Seconds

Aculief can stop dad’s headaches in as little as one minute without a single pill, wire, or doctor’s visit! This wearable device combines the benefits of ancient acupressure science with the modern-day instant gratification we all want. It just slips right onto his hand (no matter the size) and lets him go about his day as normal. He can still sleep, workout, shower, work – whatever he wants – without the constant headache.

  • Pressure points are scientifically proven to quickly relieve headaches when pressed
  • No harmful side-effects with over-the-counter drugs. Nothing to ingest!
  • Can take it ANYWHERE and wear while doing ANYTHING
  • He’ll feel pain relief in as little as 1-3 minutes!
  • Excellent for all types of headaches
  • Lasts a lifetime – no batteries or refills to worry about

Made in the USA – Featured on The Doctors, Wall Street Journal & more!

Click HERE to surprise dad with Aculief!

ThePhotoStick: Help Him Back Up All His Computer’s Photos & Videos In One Click!

If your dad is like most people, his computer is filled with precious photos from throughout the years. It would be a shame to lose them all… and cloud storage isn’t as dependable as you think. ThePhotoStick is the easy solution – it quickly saves all the photos on his computer, so he never has to worry about losing them. Not only that, they’re also easily accessible whenever he needs!

  • Saves up to 60,000 photos so he NEVER has to see that “storage full” notification again
  • Automatically removes duplicates to maximize space
  • No technical knowledge needed – just plug it in and click GO!
  • Can store up to 60,000 photos on a single PhotoStick
  • Works on Windows or Mac computers
  • Lightning fast backup – stores 1,000s of photos in seconds

$44M+ in sales and counting – Featured on CBS, Business Insider, Yahoo! and Marketwatch

Click HERE to surprise dad with ThePhotoStick!

KeySmart: The Coolest (And Most Useful) Keychain Ever Made

Look – pretty much everyone has a keychain. And yet, if you check someone’s pocket, you’re likely to find a giant clunky mess. Why are keychains still so awkward?! The founders of KeySmart had the same question… and thankfully for all of us, they did something about it. The result is a keychain that’s more effective, yet less bulky than any keychain ever made!

  • Keeps your keys quiet and easy to access (forget the jingling and fumbling!)
  • Includes FREE loop accessory so you can attach your car key fob!
  • Fully customizable – make it uniquely yours with a nano-light, bottle opener, quick disconnect attachment and more
  • Quick assembly – attach all your keys and accessories in less than 60 seconds, no tools required
  • Variety of color options and accessories available

Over 2 million people use KeySmart to stay organized!

Click HERE to surprise dad with KeySmart!

GoDonut: The Phone & Tablet Stand That’s Taking The World By Storm

The GoDonut is the most universal AND most useful balancing stand for your phone, iPad, whatever it is you want to use. Even better, it fits right in your pocket with you so you can bring it wherever your phone goes! Gone are the days of letting your phone flop over Every. Single. Time. you try to talk to someone. It’s awesome!

  • Intuitive and simple to use – just set your phone down inside!
  • Easily adjust the angle and position of your device without it falling over
  • Works with all types of mobile devices and cases
  • Great for all occasions, from talking with family to binging Netflix
  • Fits right into your pocket so you can take it wherever you need it

90% of customers give GoDonut 5 stars!

Click HERE to surprise dad with GoDonut!

1Tac Safety Disc: The Modern Replacement For Roadside Flares

Dad’s car just broke down on the side of the road… and it’s the middle of the night. What does he do?! He may reach for a flare (if he carries those around)… but does he even know how to activate it safely? Unlikely!

That’s why we love Safety Disc – it’s a pack of 5 high-powered orange swirling lights that can be seen up to 5,000 feet away. Dad simply places them around his car to stay safe and draw attention from helpers.

  • 5 Ultra-Bright LEDs can be seen from over 5,000 feet
  • Safety Discs include 9 flashing modes for every situation
  • Ultra durable – can withstand being run over by a truck!
  • Lasts a lifetime (waterproof with magnetic base)
  • Super reliable in an emergency thanks to its 100k hour lamp life & 13-hour run time

“Incredible! Having these discs during a road side emergency are an absolute must!” – Thomas W.

Click HERE to surprise dad with the 1Tac Safety Disc set!

ChargeHub React: Make Sure Dad’s Prepared For ANY Roadside Emergency With This Compact 7-in-1 Gadget

Does dad have a road trip planned this summer? Then surely he’s got a lot to pack… but at the same time, there are dozens of potential threats on the road – and he’ll be in the car for a long time. Preparing for ALL of them can be difficult!

That’s why we recommend ChargeHub React. This brilliant device packs all the essential safety features he needs into one small, convenient device: strobing S.O.S. signal, safety siren, window breaker, seatbelt cutter, flashlight, lightning fast phone charger and portable power bank.

  • Helps him prepare for 7 common, potentially life-threatening situations
  • Makes it easy to escape his car in seconds if needed
  • Powerful, fast phone charger helps make sure his phone is always charged
  • Not just for his own safety – he could be someone’s hero on a moment’s notice
  • Compact and easy to store… every car needs one!

As seen on CNET, Mashable, and Mac Sources!

Click HERE to surprise dad with ChargeHub React!

ClipperPro Omega: The Easiest (And Safest) Toenail Clippers Ever Made

If dad has found it increasingly difficult to bend over and carefully clip his toenails, then he’s in luck… because three surgeons have invented a high-quality device that makes toenail cutting simple and easy for everyone!

ClipperPro Omega features a unique clipping system that handles all the effort for him – and its clever design automatically prevents painful mistakes. Dad will love it!

  • High-quality, precision nail cutting tool with surgical steel blades
  • Designed by three surgeons to make toenail cutting simple and easy for everyone
  • Especially useful if he has back issues or arthritis thanks to the larger handle and swiveling blades!
  • Provides much better control, positioning, and ease for nail cutting
  • Prevents slipping mistakes thanks to its large, custom-made handle that fits into the palm of his hand

“I used this to cut my own nails. Arthritis has damaged my fingers so I couldn’t clip my own toenails. Now I can!! I save ’cause I don’t have to pay for a manicure. Win-Win!!! 😀😎” – Pamela V.

Click HERE to surprise dad with ClipperPro Omega!

Dodow: Help Dad Fall Asleep In Under 8 Minutes (Without Drugs!)

Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan With Noise Sound Machine

If dad’s been struggling with racing thoughts at night, getting a solid 8 hours of rest probably just sounds like a dream… but thankfully, there’s now a natural technique that can slow his mind down – permanently “training his brain” to sleep better every night!

Dodow is an all-natural sleep aid invented by ex-insomniacs – it can put him into a deep, rejuvenating sleep in a matter of minutes. It could be the answer he’s looking for!

  • The mesmerizing light helps his busy mind quiet down
  • Guided breathing cues will lull his body and mind to sleep quickly
  • Restores his brain’s natural ability to sleep – eventually, he won’t even need Dodow anymore!
  • Just a one-time purchase equals a lifetime of better sleep
  • Easy and convenient to use, with no side effects or pills!

Proven to help you fall asleep 2.5x faster!

Click HERE to surprise dad with Dodow!

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