Since most people around the world have been wearing masks for over a year, the way they’re being disposed of is causing a huge impact on the environment.

Often, masks are seen littered on the ground outside grocery stores, and it’s estimated that 129 billion face masks are sent to landfills every MONTH.

But now there’s an eco-friendly alternative…


Marianne de Groot is a Dutch designer that’s created a biodegradable mask that can be buried after it’s used – rather than thrown out. The best part is, the mask grows into flowers after being buried.

Regular plastic masks are heavily prone to breaking down into microplastics, which have a negative impact on humans and the environment.

Her masks are called the Marie Bee Bloom – they’re made from layers of rice paper that contain a Dutch meadow seed mix.

Once buried, it can sprout flowers that can help out birds, bees, and other animals.

Helping people (and the environment)

The rest of the Marie Bee Bloom marks are eco-friendly as well. The ear loops are made from pure sheep’s wool, and the cord fasteners are fashioned out of egg cartons that are cut into small flower shapes allowing the wearer to adjust the mask.

The glue used to connect it all is made from potato starch and water. This makes it 100% biodegradable.

Even if you don’t want to bury your mask, you can still throw it away. The masks will decompose in a landfill, so they’re still better than regular plastic masks.

The masks can be purchased online at starting at €30 for a pack of 10. They are currently only shipping to a few European countries, but they plan to roll out international shipping soon.

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