Miss going to the gym? Wish you could go for a walk through the park, but choosing to stay home instead?

First off, we feel you. The situation is difficult for all of us – but if you’re used to getting plenty of exercise, this feels like a double whammy.

While it’s certainly an option to “bring the gym home” with some fancy equipment, your #1 priority right now should be to get back into a regular fitness routine. And you don’t need anything for that – the human body itself is a great workout tool!

Thankfully, there are a TON of useful resources out there to help us all get the blood flowing – especially now. Below you’ll find 11 FREE home workouts that you can start doing today. What are you waiting for? Get movin’!

1. Sweaty Betty – Ballet, Boxing & More!

Leggings brand Sweaty Betty is offering a wide range of unique courses for free on their website. You can take them at your own pace, so no need to show up at a specific time.

Visit the Sweaty Betty website to check out the videos.

2. Vuori – Yoga, Breathing & Meditation

This clothing brand offers free classes via Instagram live. Great for those who want to relax and take a moment to breathe.

Classes take place Monday through Friday, 8 A.M. PST and Sunday 9 A.M. PST via the Vuori Instagram.

3. Turbulence Training – No-Equipment Body Weight Training

The Turbulence Training YouTube channel is packed with free videos on weight training exercises you can do from home – no weights required!

Check it out on their official YouTube channel.

4. Do Yoga With Me – Yoga In The Great Outdoors

This yoga course is filmed in beautiful British Columbia – so you’ll get a pleasant outdoor vibe to go with your savasana. Many videos are free, but some require a premium membership.

Visit Do Yoga With Me here!

5. Yoga With Adrienne – Yoga With A Fun Twist

With fun classes like “Yoga for when you’re in a bad mood”, instructor Adrienne brings a bit of quirky personality to her classes. Check it out if you want something new!

Visit Adrienne’s YouTube channel here.

6. CafeMom Studios – Workouts For Mommies

Featuring fun titles like “Mommy Movement”, this channel is entirely devoted to exercise for busy moms. From post-pregnancy workouts to quick tips to stay active, it’s no wonder this channel is a hit among moms!

Click here to visit the postpartum workout series.

7. LiveStrong – For Strength, Flexibility and Fitness

Celebrity trainer Nicky Holender leads these intense workouts designed to keep you strong and healthy. From quick 5-minute exercises to full routines, there’s plenty to keep you active here.

Visit the LiveStrong YouTube channel here.

8. Steady Health – Simple Exercises For Busy People

The folks at Steady Health 100% focused on health – and it goes beyond the free workouts. They also offer breast cancer screening advice, rehabilitation exercises and much more.

Explore the Steady Health website here.

9. Yoga For Dummies – An Easy Introduction

This 6-video series covers all the basics of yoga. If you’ve heard about the incredible benefits but haven’t given it a shot, now could be the perfect opportunity! Yoga For Dummies makes it easy to get started, and there’s no pressure – so you can take your time deciding whether or not you like it.

Get the free Yoga For Dummies series here.

10. Body Project – Low-Impact Fat-Burning Exercises

Featuring a range of workouts for all ages, these low-impact exercises are easy on your body… but a nightmare for fat! This is a great choice if you’re sensitive or want something that delivers great results without putting too much strain on your body.

Visit the Body Project YouTube channel here.

11. eHow Fitness – A Huge Free Library With Celebrity Trainers

eHow is known for their instructional videos – and they don’t disappoint with their workouts! Featuring fitness experts, celebrity trainers and a wide range of exercises focused on weight loss, breathing, stretching and more, it’s a great place to start if you’re not sure where to go.

Click here to visit the eHow fitness channel.

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