A stylish take on blood monitoring…

For those with Type-1 diabetes, it may not always be comfortable or convenient to test blood glucose levels, especially for the always-connected teens on the move.

But now it might be easier to test and track thanks to this stylish accessory that serves a more important purpose.

Medical gear you can show off…

To help younger folks consistently and discreetly manage their Type-1 diabetes, designer Tyra Kozlow thought of a product that could test blood levels without calling attention to a condition that some may prefer to keep private.

Kozlow designed a small wearable earring known as the Sense Glucose Earring that offers continuous blood glucose monitoring.

The Sense Earring uses high-frequency radio waves and stores power using a rechargeable battery. But it’s not clunky like some would think – it actually comes in a variety of colors to fit the wearer and match any outfit.

Say goodbye to pricking!


This little device gets rid of the need for frequent finger pricks that have normally been the way of checking blood sugar levels.

This makes it easier and more comfortable for younger folks to manage their condition.

And since the younger generation seems to always be on their phones… the readings are sent to an app through Bluetooth. Based on the results, the wearer is then sent an alert.

The alerts are not only great for testing but also for identifying trends. This helps create better treatments and manage medical care more efficiently.

The spread of “smart” and stylish devices…

The “smart” jewelry is currently in its proof-of-concept stage, though it gained plenty of attention when it became one of the finalists in the 2020 Global Grad Show – a showcase where students work to address social and environmental issues.

Hopefully, this will be the first step in recognizing how to better manage the long-term conditions many people struggle with.

This design is one of the many that are currently taking over the medical field and will one day reshape how we manage our health – not only safely, but stylishly as well!

8 comments on “These Innovative Earrings Monitor Your Blood Glucose Levels In Real Time

  1. Jean on

    Yes, sound great but what about men. instead of earring why not ring instead both gender can use it. I saw last version that stick pad on the arm, its not feel right for me ( look like patient in hospital all the time) also cost of monthly fee quite expensive too.

  2. Deborah Grover on

    Best idea I’ve seen so far! Agree about the hardware that sticks to the back of your arm I have no interest in that. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 6 years ago and still struggle with the finger picks. Hate them. Hope technology continues to evolve the glucose testing.

  3. Michael on

    Bring on something that really works, non evasive, cost effective. It not a once a day thing and there is more than “well connected teens” with type 1 diabetes

  4. Regena Taylor on

    The arm thing didn’t work for me either. Would be very interested in knowing where this technology will go. Sooner than later please.

  5. Mary on

    Would be nice to actually see the earring and is it a pierce one or clip on etc. Much more information is needed and the cost.

  6. kim carey on

    Would love to hear more about this ! Type 1 for 30 years and doing good. But age is catching up with me. I am a hairdresser and pricking my fingers is out of the question most of the time!! But this sounds like something I would like to use

    Thank you

    Kim Carey


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