When I was in my teens and 20’s, going to concerts and listening to music as loud as my car would let me was the norm. I loved loud fireworks and being at a college football game with 50,000 screaming fans next to me.

But as I started to get a little older, I started to notice that the same feelings I had enjoying music (and life) as loud as I could, started to turn into pain and irritation. I never thought of using ear plugs. I thought I would never be the type of person that needed them.

But all that changed when I ran across EAROS ONE.

Protect your ears from loud sound with EAROS ONE

These are not your grandpa’s ear plugs that just drowned out sound and made things inaudible. Earos were designed and developed by leading audiologists and engineers from MIT’s Acoustics Lab to design a product that delivers the highest performance and sleekest design. This means you get the best sound, at a volume that makes listening enjoyable.

Not only do they help at concerts or loud nightclubs, but they are also perfect for anyone that rides a motorcycle and wants to enjoy the ride, and the outside sounds. One 5-star reviewer noted:

“I regularly forget I have them in my ears when I am riding my motorcycle and I notice the level of noise is diminished. I can still hear all the things I want to hear like problems with the bike, sirens, people talking but the annoying sounds like wind noise, loud pipes when I wind it up and overall noise are diminished greatly.”

Hear better and protect your ears with Earos One

What Makes EAROS ONE So Great?

FILTER THE NOISE | Experience sound as you normally would — just at a lower decibel level. Rather than muffling and distorting the listening experience, EAROS are specially tuned to reduce noise while maintaining sound quality for a natural listening experience.
EXPERTLY ENGINEERED | Developed with the former Director of MIT’s Acoustics & Vibratory Lab, EAROS are designed to reproduce the sound curve of your natural ear — delivering a unique combination of sound clarity and hearing protection.
PATENTED DESIGN | Our proprietary, patented soundbore replicates how the inner ear resonates while providing a Noise Reduction Rating of 17 dB and preserving audio fidelity. Sleek, ergonomic design offers a low profile and comfortable fit.
HEAR THE DIFFERENCE | EAROS ONE is designed to fit and feel differently than earplugs by forming a seal deep within the ear, enabling better protection and sound fidelity than other products that have shallow insertion. Two sizes of tips included.

What Do EAROS ONE Customers Have To Say About This Acoustic Innovation?

“I’ve tried a couple of earplugs before and they’ve all fit weird and they all stick out of your ear which makes it easy for someone to accidentally smack the earplugs off your ear at a concert. These Earos are different, they are super low profile so they sit all the way inside your ears which makes them feel completely secure. These are also the best visually looking earplugs I’ve ever worn, so even the people who think they’re too cool for earplugs could wear them. They come with a pair of bigger tips and a nice little case which is great because you’re less likely to misplace them. Ear plugs are an essential item for concerts and these are worth the money.”
-Jonathan R., Verified Amazon Purchaser

“I have autism. But I’m also working adult. I don’t have the luxury, socially speaking, to wear gigantic construction ear muffs when the noise level starts to bother me. I deal with sensory issues as many autistic people do, so these are much more discreet when dealing with those issues.

If I can make one change to this item it would be that the carrying case is not a hard plastic or metal container, but a flimsy little coin purse. I bought a little pill box at my local grocery store so that I can carry them on a keychain, and since these ear plugs are small they have no problem fitting inside of most alternative cases. I also find these easy to clean. A little bit of warm water goes a long way with these.

A co-worker told me that they are also quite fashionable, so if that is a concern for you rest assured you won’t look out of place with them in your ears. In fact, I think most people think I’m listening to music when I’m wearing them. I give these a big thumbs up.”
-Inten, Verified Amazon Purchaser

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