Are you ready to turn your outfit into your doctor?!

There are plenty of devices on the market that track things such as heart rate, breathing, and even sleep.

But what if all those health signals could be monitored… while you wear your favorite shirt?!

Wearing your AI on your sleeve is the new black


A team of MIT scientists led by Yoel Fink has developed the first digital fabric that has the ability to process and store information while the user is still wearing it.

The electronic fiber is able to write, store, and read information. It’s even able to store a short movie and music file for 48 days – without using power!

To accomplish this type of “smart” fiber, the researchers put hundreds of silicon digital chips into a casting mold – then combined it with a polymer fiber.

Doing this creates a thread measuring tens of meters long. The thread contains hundreds of those digital chips throughout, which maintain a continuous electrical connection.

The fiber can also live through at least 10 laundry days without breaking down – it’s smart and clean!

Stitch and sew in the tech

Although it may seem like a lot… the fabric is actually small enough to pass through the eye of a needle. Yes – all while being complex enough to be able to incorporate AI technology into its network!

To test its abilities, the team sewed the smart fabric into the armpit of a shirt to collect data of the wearer.

The system gathered 270 minutes of body temperature data. It was also able to determine which physical activity the user was performing based on the amount of sweat.

It had a 96% accuracy rate… not bad for a shirt!

This type of technology could be great for long-term health monitoring. It could consistently and conveniently collect data by monitoring irregular heartbeat and/or breathing patterns. And that’s just scratching the surface!

According to MIT researchers, this is the first advance in a fabric that can be programmed and then process and store digital data.

So what do you think… would you be willing to wear a fabric that monitors your body? Or is a smartwatch fitness tracker already more than enough?

Be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below!

13 comments on “This “Digital Fabric” Can Collect, Store, and Process Data

  1. David OBrien on

    I would certainly be willing to wear a fabric that monitors my body as long as I was able to read the data maybe via Bluetooth

  2. carolyn sheek on

    would definitely use this I am allergic to a lot of medicines and this would reduce the type and amount of different medicines tried to find cause.

  3. Mjchael Blakely on

    This new fabric technology could become very valuable in hospital to help monitor the vitals of bedridden patients. During my long stay in the hospital during covid, I often asked if all this data could be performed some way the the bed. Hopefully, its in the near future. Thank you.

  4. F Charlotte Dunn on

    I think it’s awesome. I’d use it. As long as it’s not connected to government collecting data. I alreadyba few big brothers. Don’t want an other one!

  5. Raymond Fiddes on

    It might be useful in the medical world even in the sports world but not for the likes of me (being an old sceptic) I’m sure they will find a good use for it if you have the means to pay for it

  6. John Gilbank on

    I believe it will be in use in the near future. Some people will object because of there fear it will be used against them … but it also has so many positive possibilities. I’m almost 69 years old and I choose to believe we will move to positive outcomes.

  7. Kalid on

    Yes, this is a brilliant idea. Yes I will wear it. But under one condition. How save would it be. Because there are questions about the smart watch causing cancer because of there radiation.


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