If the past 2 years have taught up anything, it’s that germs are everywhere. Literally. From door knobs to elevator buttons, public restrooms and ATM’s, there are millions of germs pretty much everywhere we go.

Find a germ killer that actually works

And yes, hand sanitizer has become our new best friend, but what if there was something more effective, never ran out and was 100% natural?

That’s what Marcia Reese set out to discover after facing a near death experience on a routine procedure turned into an MRSA staph infection. She spent the next few years learning everything about germs – from how they breed and morph to everything that has ever been used to fight germs since the dawn of time.

What she discovered was fascinating. Going back to 2600BC in ancient Egypt, she found that COPPER was used to sanitize drinking water and to treat and dress wounds to prevent infections. The Romans and Greeks similarly used copper to treat a myriad of diseases and during the Cholera epidemic of the 19th century, copper workers evaded outbreaks thanks to the metal’s antimicrobial properties.

She took this discovery and started StayWell Copper to help others harness the power of Copper to kill the germs and bacteria that we face in our everyday lives. Her latest innovation in this line kills 99.97% of germs and its right in the palm of your hand!

Her “natural germ stopper” has now helped thousands of people all over the world to live healthier and germ free by simply rolling their hands on this special keychain.

Copper Keychain Kills Germs and Bacteria


  • Health Protecting Keychain Clip – You can feel safer and more worry-free with this amazingly tough pure copper key chain safe touch tool. One touch at a time on the StayWell Copper keychain clip will help you stay healthy all day long. Perfect for travel or wherever you go. Tried and true is best for you! All natural. 100% safe.
  • USA Recycled Pure Copper Key Holder – Proudly made in the USA of 100% pure mined and recycled American copper. The copper key holder key ring is neat, clean, safe, and easy to use. The quality controlled, heavy-duty USA manufacturing ensures that you will have your copper zap shields up as you are on the go.
  • Premium Design & Peace of Mind – The Original GermStopper Roller made of ultra-tough, sleek and lightweight copper is convenient, and easy to attach anywhere. Securely attach this no touch keychain key ring to any backpack, computer bag, or keys or simply take it anywhere in your pocket or in your car
  • Lifetime Lasting & Durable – The durable hand-crafted lifetime lasting copper key fob key holder will keep you protected for years to come. There are no refills, batteries, mess, or waste! It’s ideal for those who want to avoid any chemical-based cleansers, or who have very dry hands

What Do StayWell Copper Customers Have To Say About The Copper Keychain?

“I ordered the Staywell copper keychain roller and love it. I use it every day on my hands and face. Who wouldn’t want to try something that kills 99.97% of germs? It’s so easy to take wherever you go for protection. I do! Use as a keychain or it clips on your purse etc easily. I received the StayWell Copper necklace as a gift and wear it everywhere I go. Any of these products would make great Holiday gifts. In the times we live- who wouldn’t want a germ killer that lasts forever?!”
-Margie Killgallon, Verified Amazon Review

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