As the summer heat fades, get ready for longer stretches outdoors in cooler fall temps. Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons around! We all know that as far as colors go, autumn is the best season to get in touch with nature and marvel.

What are some other cool activities you can engage in this season? We divided our list into sections that cover activities for the outdoors, kids and family, and friends. Like all good things, fall will come to an end, so don’t miss out!

Outdoor activities

Fall is the best season to spend time outdoors and become one with nature. So, it makes sense that our list begins with activities that take you outside! Whether you head out on your own or with friends, you can’t wrong with the following activities this fall:

Take a road trip to see the leaves


Okay this idea is kind of a no-brainer but take advantage of seeing the glorious fall foliage! Leaf peeping is an activity you can enjoy on your own, with family, or with friends. Take it beyond your own backyard and plan a trip to see amazing fall foliage across the country. Make it a road trip to take in as many states’ views as possible.

To make this a truly memorable trip, pack in activities like:

  • Hiking and walking: Stop and really soak in the sights and the atmosphere of the season.
  • Leaf collecting: Nothing makes you look back and plan a repeat trip like a nice, colorful, well-kept memento.

  • Apple picking: It would be a shame to miss those juicy reds if you happen to have orchards along your itinerary.
  • Watch geese fly south for the winter: Not every being in nature can stop and enjoy the season (lucky us!); some animals like geese have to get going in preparation for the colder months. Watching geese fly south is a sight to behold as flocks fly by in strict formation.

Visit a pumpkin patch


Pumpkin picking is one of the most beloved fall traditions, one which even a pandemic can’t destroy. If you live close to a pumpkin patch, head on down for a day or evening of pumpkin picking, hay rides, and corn mazes.

Fall just isn’t the same without picking, carving, and decorating pumpkins. If you’re up for it, don’t forget to toast the seeds at home for a delicious treat.

Head to a farmer’s market for delicious fall produce

Pumpkins aren’t the only winter squash that mature in the fall. Hit the farmer’s market and load up on apples, Brussels sprouts, butternut squash and more. You’ll be happy you did when you and your family are eating a warm, homemade autumn meal.

Activities for kids and families

As the weather cools down, it’s time to get cozier. These fall activities provide a lot of time for bonding. Bring the family together and make some worthwhile memories.

Visit a petting zoo

Take your kids or grandkids to the local petting zoo for a jolly fun time with the animals. You’ll all be laughing and having a good time on this excursion.

Attend a fall festival

There are lots of festivals that celebrate autumn and the themes and styles will vary from place to place. Younger kids will definitely be into Halloween festivals where they can dress up in their Batman and ghoul costumes. Lots of fall festivals celebrate local, in-season produce and fall-inspired foods, too, so your belly will be saying “thank you.”

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Have a fall picnic


A cool day out in the sunshine with everyone’s favorite meal packed – what’s not to love? You can make this a truly meaningful experience by asking family members to write down and talk about everything they are grateful for this year. After that, the kids can form a big pile of leaves to jump in!

Activities with friends

Friends are always worth being thankful for, and there’s no better season to show gratitude (and relax with your buds) than fall. Gather the crew for some fun and games with these cool activities:

Cook a pot of chili and have a sports-watching party

Have your friends over for the big game/games! Cheer your favorite teams on, make bets, and grub on delicious foods like chilli, nachos, and pizza.

Take a weekend camping trip

Soak up the beautiful outdoors by immersing yourself in nature! Pack your gear, your food, and your friends for a couple days sleeping in a tent. Taking a fun trip with your pals will make memories into next fall.

Host a Friendsgiving dinner

Having classic dishes of the season on a low-tempo, stress-free night with your best pals? Friendsgiving could give Thanksgiving a run for its money this year.

Run a race with friends

Because somebody needs to have bragging rights until next fall! Up the ante by making it a sack or one-legged race!

A fall to remember

Fall is here and with it comes so much beauty and FUN! What activities from this list are you excited about? Comment your favorites below! Don’t forget to share this list to get everyone in the fall spirit.

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