We’re all pretty attached to our phones. Maybe a little too attached.

Case and point – the American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends parents put their smartphones in the backseat so they don’t accidentally leave their kids in the car.

Yeah, you read that right.

We forget our keys, we forget our wallets, we forget little Jimmy…..but leave our SMARTPHONES? Not a chance.

Person using gold iPhone | Contact Lenses That Do The Thinking For You

But what if that were to change? And instead of relying on a smartphone, you used something smaller, lighter, and even more innovative?

Contact lens | Contact Lenses That Do The Thinking For You

Contact lens Photo by Wikimedia Commons

We’re talking about contact lenses, a pair of which are poised to change the future of connective technology.

Several tech giants, including Sony, Google, and Samsung, are all backing new hi-tech lenses that will quickly blur the line between man and machine….without actually, you know, making things blurry.

Picture it: you pop in your contacts before brushing your teeth. You get dressed. You grab the essentials. You’re out the door. Suddenly a reminder springs up in your field of view about that lunch meeting, or to alert you of a traffic slowdown, or to broadcast the latest news feed.

You stop for breakfast at your favorite place. Want to snap a pic of your photo-worthy meal? No problem. With a simple blink, the photo is taken and streamed to the cloud straight from your new Terminator eyeballs.


Instagram night GIF by Giphy

Need a video of the adorable trick your pet is doing? You guessed it. Another couple blinks and it’s “ACTION!”

Google is even working on special technology called Google Lenses that will be able to scan objects and locations and identify what it sees. Pass a restaurant and wonder whether it’s worth a visit? The lenses could soon be able to fill you in on the details — from ratings to reviews to top food choices — automatically.

We’re still a few years off from full implementation (don’t worry about SkyNet going self-aware just yet). But the day isn’t far away that we’ll all be able to seamlessly interact with a digitally heightened environment, and leaving a bad Yelp review might be almost as simple as crinkling your nose.

Would you get these smart contacts? Let us know in the comments below. 

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