Full disclosure, we LOVE camera bloopers. Like that one robber who dons a bag to hide his identity, but forgets to cut eye holes in it. So instead of a big score, we get to enjoy him crashing through a glass plate door on his way in. Spoiler Alert: he stole nothing but our hearts.

That being said, security is no joke. So whether it is protecting a million-dollar business or just keeping an eye on the kids, many of us have invested in some form of camera to keep track of the things we care about.

The problem is your standard low-budget cameras leave much to be desired. They break down, fail to connect, or are about as easy to spot as a tarantula on a slice of angel food cake. Even worse, they record in such low-res it looks like we’re watching the latest alien abduction tape instead of the neighbor grabbing our Amazon packages.

HD Mask | Company Develops USB Charger Surveillance System To Stop Intruders In Their Tracks

It’s time to take your concerns seriously. And that is where the USB Charger Camera comes in.

This company set out to invent a camera that was discreet yet dependable – a USB Camera with HD 1080p wide-angle recording that won’t look out of place in any household or business.

That’s right. It’s a camera disguised as a USB charger. Except it’s not only a disguise because it actually functions like a USB, holding charge without any upkeep on your part.

Despite its small size, it captures everything in a room. Its motion detection sensor picks up any movement and automatically records and takes photos. The device then sends updates directly to your phone. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the grocery store, in a meeting, or working out. You’ll be able to see (and respond) immediately.

WiFi Streaming Via iPhone and Android App HD Mask | Company Develops USB Charger Surveillance System To Stop Intruders In Their Tracks

So, the next time you’re ready to invest in a little piece of mind, plug in this USB bad boy. Then turn it around and plug it in again…then turn it around and plug it in again. There we go.

Interested in getting your own USB Camera Charger? You can use this link to get yours now!

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