Does the inside of your car look more like the inside of a tornado? It may seem impossible to organize a messy car, but these organization hacks will have you back up to speed in no time. (Hint: The trick is to prepare in advance for the mess you know you’re going to make!)

1. Keep Trash Outta Sight

There is absolutely no reason NOT to have a mini trash can inside your car.

Attach one to the headrest of your car seats and voila — your car will be so clean your passenger’s will think they just got into a Luxury Uber!

PRO TIP: Empty the can every time you fill up on gas. It’s an easy way to kill time, and the trashcan is typically just a few steps away. Doesn’t get easier than that! #lifehacks

2. No More Sticky Cup Holders

How many times have you reached into your car’s cup holder, only to touch something sticky, slimy, or gross yet — oddly moist?

If this sounds familiar, it’s time for a clean sweep.

Just grab some cheap silicone muffin cups at the store and pop them in your car’s cup holders. When they’re dirty, just take them out and stick them in the dishwasher to clean. So genius!

Now you can roll your windows back up, and never worry about what contents lie in the depths of your cupholders ever again….

3. Navigate WITHOUT Taking Your Eyes Off The Road!

Tired of buying different navigation tools to get around on trips (especially those awesome road trips with less-than-ideal connectivity)? Maybe you’ve tried holding your phone while looking at directions. Whatever the case, it’s time to invest in something that will actually help you get where you’re going quickly.

The VIZR sits on your dashboard and fits all phone sizes. It’ll show you how fast you’re going, where to go, and when there may be traffic you want to avoid — all with a reflective screen that makes techies giddy!

Plus it doesn’t take up any space, so you can use your cup holders and air vents for their actual purpose (and no, it’s not “phone holders”).

4. Shower Caddies Packed with Essentials


It’s hard to navigate the road and manage your kid’s needs in the backseat. Instead of tossing them a book (contributing to the clutter on the floor of your car), start planning ahead!

Buy some shower caddies at your local store and fill them with books, small toys, coloring tools, snacks, and more to keep them occupied on the go, then attach them to the window next to your kid’s car seat with a suction cup (or to the headrest with a hook).

Ahh… now you can drive in organized peace!

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