Here at GiddyUp, we’re always keeping an eye out for impressive innovations and clever solutions – but lately, we’ve been overwhelmed! It seems like everyone is standing up to help out with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis… and businesses are leading the charge.

It seems like the old saying is true: necessity really is the mother of invention!

Today, we want to honor a few of the clever companies who are going out of their way to help in this time of need. Whether it’s a quick change to an existing product or a clever campaign to lift spirits, these businesses deserve both our praise and our intrigue!

1. (Atlanta, USA): A website that uses AI to find out if you’re infected with COVID-19

Yes, we all wish the testing process was a bit smoother. But the fact remains: few of us have easy access to COVID-19 testing.

That’s why a group of healthcare professionals teamed up with data scientists to create the Coronavirus Checker – a website that assesses your personal risk for COVID-19.

While the website is certainly not a replacement for testing, it can help you get a better understanding of your own situation.

Try the Coronavirus Checker at


2. Shift Architecture (The Netherlands): “Hyper-local” food markets designed for social distancing

Image source: Shift Architecture

Everyone loves going to the farmer’s market – which is normally great, but lately it’s a bit of a problem…

Enter Shift Architecture’s interesting solution: the hyper-local food market. This concept features small “micro markets” that accommodate a small handful of people (usually six) at a time. Each market includes a few vendors and signs to help people maintain distance.

The goal is to keep people connected with farmers and local vendors without adding risk. So far the markets can be found in The Netherlands, with plans to expand internationally.

Learn more from Shift Architecture.


3. Architect Francesca Perani (Italy): A micro-apartment designed for self-isolation

Image source:

When a couple from the COVID-hit Bergamo region of Italy decided to self-isolate, they wanted to make sure they were doing it right.

So, they hired architect Francesca Perani – and her solution is quite interesting. She created a 25 square meter “micro apartment” for this purpose. It’s complete with hidden storage, an open living space, and multifunctional furniture – such as a bed that doubles as a storage chest.

We expect to see more solutions like this as people convert their spare rooms into fully functional isolation spaces. Even better, the room will be an awesome guest apartment when this is all over!


4. Indyme (California, USA): A security camera repurposed as a social distancing monitor

Image source: Indyme

This social distancing thing is frustrating – some follow the rules, but others don’t… and it’s easy to forget.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone (or something) could watch over us… politely reminding everyone to keep a safe distance? It would sure help us all avoid those awkward confrontations, at least…

That’s the idea behind the SmartDome: a special security camera watches shoppers and alerts them when they’re too close to one another. It uses motion-tracking technology to do this – and when it finds a pair of people too close together, it’ll remind them with a friendly message.

Read our full story on Indyme’s SmartDome here.


5. Jiayi & Lanvin (France): A “Cloud Fashion Show” during Paris Fashion Week

Image source: Jing Daily

The runways are closed – both in airports and throughout Paris. Yes, even during Fashion Week…

However, that hasn’t stopped fashion brand Lanvin from putting on a show. They teamed up with pop star Jiayi to create a Cloud Fashion Show. Naturally, they used VR to take it over the top, allowing you to get closer to the stage than ever before.


6. Broad Sustainable Buildings (China): A COVID-19 hospital that can be built in just two days

Image source: Broad Sustainable Buildings

The company behind this innovation, Broad Sustainable Buildings, already holds the record for fastest skyscraper – in 2016, they built a 57-story building in just 19 days.

Now, they’re going one step further with their “stackable” COVID-19 hospital. According to the company, it only takes two days to construct this temporary hospital, which can then be repurposed for other uses. Due to its construction, it can “grow” when needed by adding layers to the top.

The buildings aren’t just quick, though. They also use special air pressurization, called Negative Pressure Isolation (NPI), to isolate airflow – thus reducing the chances of COVID-19 infection.

Learn more about Broad Sustainable Buildings here.


7. Streetify (UK): The online store that feels like an offline store

Image source: Google Play

Miss window shopping? So did the folks behind Streetify… so they created a digital version!

Streetify is a new app that allows you to create a customized “shopping street”, filled with your favorite shops. It uses APIs to pull data from online stores, then creates a unique shopping experience based on your preferences.

While it may not be the same as the real thing, we love the idea… and it sure beats waiting in line!


8. CAD Crowd (California, USA): A 3D Printing contest to come up with helpful tools

Image source: Lonati SpA

A California-based 3D printing company has made a call to innovators around the world: we want your 3D solutions!

CAD Crowd has just completed a massive contest among 3D printing companies (and fans). They asked for clever designs that can help with COVID-19… and their call was answered. More than 70 entries have come in, featuring a huge range of useful products.

Examples include a hands-free door opener, a wearable device that warns you when you’re about to touch your face, gloves that help you push buttons without making contact and much more.

The contest ended April 18th, but you can still check out the submissions here.


That’s it for today – we hope you’re all doing well! Despite the gloomy overtone, this is actually an exciting time for innovation. Many are comparing it to the years after World War II, a period which spawned incredible innovations like the computer, rockets, and much more. We expect to see a lot more brilliant solutions in the days (and years) to come!

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