“Why wouldn’t you want blunt-smoking monkeys and pistol-wielding velociraptors riding around in a Ferrari Testarossa in your underwear?”

This question embodies the playful, rebellious spirit behind Los Angeles-based Culprit Underwear – an upstart new brand that thinks the underwear industry has been too uptight for too long.

And if you’re still copping 6-packs of itchy Hanes from Walmart, you have to admit… they make a good point.

“If you think the underwear industry is boring, you’re right,” says Culprit co-founder Dylan Trussel with a grin.

David (left) and Dylan (right)

“But it’s not the underwear itself that made it boring – it was the people making it.

As ad industry veterans from LA, David and Dylan were tired of having their flashy, wild, and crazy ideas become watered down by clients trying to play it safe, and let’s face it… the underwear industry was no exception”.

“Every time we put out a new idea that was even slightly outside the ‘approved corporate mold’, we got shot down,” adds co-founder David Dinetz.

A shoot for one of Culprit’s latest designs is anything but boring

The suits are terrified to make things interesting. But we’re not. So now we’re doing our own thing… and we’re ready to set this lame-ass industry on fire.

And he means that literally.

People are now actually setting their underwear on fire

Culprit became a viral sensation soon after launching. “Life’s too short to wear boring underwear. We wanted the prints to be completely unique and fun,” says Dylan.

However, it was their bombshell advertising campaign that unapologetically involved flamethrowers, venomous snakes, and Grand theft auto-themed romps through Miami, attracting millions of loyal fans overnight.

But don’t be fooled by all the fun. There’s a lot more to this underwear than the wicked designs, fiery ads, and rebellious founders.

Culprit isn’t just cool – it’s also well-made, comfortable, and sustainable underwear that’s worth checking out (even if you don’t care about Ferrari-driving dinosaurs).

Meet Culprit Underwear: The Defiant Brand That’s Giving Men’s Underwear A Breath Of Fresh Air (While Giving The Suits The Middle Finger)

Culprit Underwear is two things:

  1. A new underwear brand that creates high-quality, California-made underwear that provides next-level comfort and support for your manhood.
  2. A giant “screw you” to the lame corporate traditions that have been keeping your boxers boring (and Made In China) since loincloths went out of style.

One look at their latest line of designs proves that – but there’s more to it. Culprit isn’t just making men’s underwear interesting… it’s also making it better. More comfortable. More breathable. Friendlier to your whole package.

David breaks it down for us:

“I’d be willing to bet the underwear you’re wearing now is causing you one of these problems:

  1. It’s itchy. Most underwear is made with crappy fabric and lazy production, which causes itching.
  2. The elastic is loose. Most manufacturers skimp on everything they can, and the elastic often gets the crappiest end of the deal.
  3. It gives you worse wedgies than your high-school bully (but maybe not as frequently).
  4. It traps enough heat to peel your balls off your leg with a ‘Scrotula’

From these problems, the answer – Culprit Underwear – was born. Dylan and David set out to create underwear that addressed all these problems while injecting some life into the stale industry.

“We set out to create a quality product – and spared no expense.”

Creating Culprit was not an overnight process. Dylan and David went through hundreds of different fabrics before finally creating their own proprietary blend of moisture-wicking Micromodal fabric.

“We wanted something supportive enough for the gym, sexy enough for a hot date, and breathable enough for all-day use.”

With a super-comfy prototype snugly wrapped around their nether regions, it was time to get Culprit out to the masses.

True to their ethos, they did NOT follow the corporate tradition of outsourcing production to China. Instead, they decided to stitch Culprit together in eco-friendly vertical mills in their native California. The micro modal blend they developed also wastes 20x less water during production than normal cotton.

As a result of this careful attention to quality at every phase, wearing Culprit is an experience – it’s unlike any underwear you’ve tried before.

Many say it’s “like air conditioning for your balls” – it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. The fabric feels buttery soft and the elastic stays tight for years. They’re also tagless so there’s zero itch.

“We’re very proud of the quality but I won’t bore you with the details… I’ll just say this: Once you try them on, I promise you’ll want to torch your old underwear,” Dylan says. Just be sure to take them off first.

Culprit Is More Than Great Underwear – It’s A Movement To Make Men’s Underwear More Than An Afterthought

After speaking with them, it’s clear that there’s substance behind the massive hype surrounding Culprit. Dylan and David are serious about making the absolute best men’s underwear possible – and they won’t compromise.

“Underwear is the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off before making love,” says Dylan. “It’s the soul of your outfit, your comfort around the house attire… hell, your underwear is what people see when you take your pants off. That’s important.

“Most men’s underwear doesn’t respect that. It’s poorly made, and most of it seems like it was designed for a faceless mass audience – it’s not just itchy, it’s got zero personality! That’s why we created Culprit: to fix both those problems, and have some fun while we’re at it.”

David chimes in with a laugh: “And honestly, we were tired of wearing other guys’ names above our junk. Are we the only ones who think that’s weird?!

Seeing firsthand how dedicated these guys are, it’s clear why David and Dylan were awarded the Forbes 30 Under 30 Award.

Even celebrities have recently jumped on the Culprit train including names like Logan Paul, Jeremy Meeks, Vitalyi, and Dave Grutman to name a few.


Oh yeah, did I tell you they had the world’s greatest swim trunks too?

Over 160,000 people swear by them too – They have a near-perfect 5-star rating on their website with thousands of reviews to match.

Verified Customer Review from Grant1

Verified Customer Review from HA2

Verified Customer Review from Alan3

Verified Customer Review from Jordan4

Update: Culprit is now giving our readers only up to 25% OFF

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Not sure if you’ll want to keep them? They’re offering a hassle-free 100-day money-back guarantee so return it and get your cash back. But my bet is you’ll keep them and even buy a few extra as gifts – after all, who wouldn’t love these?

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