We’re blasting off into a new space race, and billionaires are leading the charge! Both Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos recently flew into space aboard their own aircraft, ushering in a new era of space exploration and tourism.

That doesn’t mean only the ultra-rich will be impacted by these novel developments. Here are five ways this modern-day space race could impact our future:

1. Space tourism is on the horizon

Branson and Bezos were in space for just a handful of minutes, and they experienced a brief period of weightlessness before re-entering our atmosphere. In just a few years, you might be able to do much better than that by actually vacationing in space!

The world’s first space hotel, a 280-guest hotel called Voyager Station, is set to open in 2027. In addition to that, Blue Origin, the space exploration company founded by Bezos, plans to build infrastructure in space and help NASA return to the moon.

2. More high-tech, space-related jobs

With great exploits comes great opportunity. In this case, as our capacity for space travel and the exploitation of space rapidly improves, so too will the need for skilled workers and teams to keep it all running.

As an example, the advent of the airlines led to a slew of never-before-seen jobs like commercial pilots, flight attendants, and aviation engineers. A similar trend will occur in this new space age as we discover more ways to utilize the untapped resources space offers. 

3. An increase in scientific breakthroughs

As we push farther and farther away from the familiar confines of Earth, fundamental assumptions about nature and existence might be put to the test, and new realizations will pop up as a result. 

These developments are already taking place. During Branson’s Virgin Galactic space flight, one of the passengers, Virgin Galactic’s vice president of government affairs and research operations, was actually responsible for carrying out an experiment on plant gene expression. 

4. Better health care 

Healthcare-related experiments that are performed on astronauts in space can improve our understanding of medical conditions on Earth. This research has produced findings that may help people with cardiovascular disorders, Type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and balance problems.

5. Earth could become a safer place to live 

As we continue to explore space, we can become more capable in areas like weather surveillance, communications, and collaboration among nations. This could lead to an amazing increase in our capacity to prevent natural disasters and offer relief. 

To infinity and beyond!


Whether you’re a space-traveling billionaire or not, your life could soon experience a series of changes that will alter the very notion of what’s considered normal. 

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