Wearable smart devices that track your activity levels and monitor your health are nothing new, as products like FitBit, Apple Watch, and Garmin Vivoactive offer these features. Though smartwatches have dominated the market for a while, smart rings like the Motiv Ring are out there, too

A breakthrough innovation in smart rings, the Movano Ring, is a slim, sleek, and cheaper alternative to what’s already out there. Here’s some information on this new innovation in health tracking.

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If you’ve ever used a smart ring, you know these bands can be large, cumbersome, and clunky. The Movano Ring aims to put an end to that while providing the most accurate data on sleep, heart rate, and more in a much more digestible, helpful way. 

How the Movano Ring works

The Movano Ring collects information from your body metrics throughout the day and night. Its user-friendly app then does more than just display the data like so many other devices on the market. It actually gives you the insight to make connections between cause and effect and provides actionable advice on how to improve your health based on how you live daily. 

Did you exercise enough today? Did you get enough sleep the night before to optimally function? Instead of a raw data dump, the Movano Ring takes a proactive approach to your health, helping you mitigate the risks of chronic disease. 

The data your ring gathers is particularly valuable if you’re suffering from a chronic illness because it can inform you if certain behaviors trigger worse symptoms or if exercise and other actions alleviate them.

The Movano Ring collects info on your heart rate variability, sleep patterns, body temperature, blood oxygen levels, daily steps, and caloric intake. It can also monitor your respiration.

You’ll get actionable advice

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Source: Movano

One awesome feature about this smart ring is that the advice it gives is based on the information it collects. For example, it will let you know how long you slept, provide your REM percentage, and inform you of possible reasons for your sleep quality.

It cross-tracks data as well, so if you typically sleep better on days you get over 30 minutes of exercise, your smart ring will let you know that.

This ring’s goal is to provide users with as much information on their bodies as possible while informing them of underlying things that could lead to poor health outcomes. The result is an accurate portrait of your body and how you can improve your health if necessary. 

Finally, a smart device made for women

Unfortunately, there’s a huge gender gap in the wearable tech industry, as most devices on the market are made with men in mind, first. Movano is looking to change that trend by creating a small, attractive ring for female hands. 

There remains a significant gap in clinical data for women’s health that could take decades to rectify. After all, Congress didn’t even mandate that women be included in clinical trials until 1993. 

The Movano Ring is a step in the right direction, as its design ensures women can comfortably wear it while exercising and throughout their day-to-day lives. It also comes in four attractive colors – black, copper, silver, and gold – providing personalization. 

It’s aiming for full FDA approval

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Movano is seeking full FDA approval of their ring as a medical and consumer device. It’s unlikely the first generation of rings will receive it, but the goal is to achieve Class II designation and add medical features like non-invasive glucose monitoring and cuffless blood pressure readings. The company has an edge in navigating the FDA’s clearance process as they already have a history of developing medical devices, including the first continuous glucose monitor. 

Taking your health into your own hands

The Movano Ring won’t be available until the second half of 2022, but it’s already attracting a lot of attention because of its innovative design and health-tracking features. The company also hopes to undercut many competitors on price

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