You never realize just how important your eyesight is until it’s not 100% perfect anymore. Maybe it hit you when you discovered you couldn’t read the blackboard from a certain distance in school — or perhaps you injured your eye and it was slightly impaired for a couple of days. Maybe you just touched your eye after handling a spicy pepper and you couldn’t open it for a few moments (if this ever becomes one of those social media hashtag #challenges… don’t do it!).

Whatever the case, we’ve all learned the importance of eyesight firsthand — and when it isn’t 100% pristine, it takes a toll on your day-to-day life.

For those of us who rely on contacts and glasses to see clearly, life can be a little frustrating. Accidentally sleeping in your contacts is a pain. Re-ordering them can be a hassle. Glasses can get easily smudged or broken… especially if you’re trying out your brand-new Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle on Christmas morning and accidentally step on them.

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This new invention is about to make things a little easier, though. These Robotic Contact Lenses are an ocular innovation unlike any other. All it took was studying the electrical impulses of the human eye to transform the typical lens.

These contacts are next level futuristic stuff, folks. Simply pop one in each of your eyes like normal – then things take a sci-fi twist. You can then control the contact lens with eye movements.

Need to get a clear picture on something far away? Blink twice and the contact lens ZOOMS IN! That’s right. You can zoom in on something without binoculars or a smartphone camera. This impressive wearable tech fits right over your eyeballs.

The lens is deformed to adjust focal length, up to 32%.

These are clearly a blessing for those who prefer to sit at the back of the class… but sadly, they haven’t developed contact lenses that help you decode your teacher’s handwriting (yet).

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