Thanks to technology, same-day delivery is a reality today. According to a recent study:

  • 80% of online shoppers want to have same-day delivery as an option at checkout.
  • 23% of consumers would pay a premium to have their orders handed to them on the same day.
  • 56% of millennials expect same-day delivery

Things weren’t always like this. Same-day delivery used to be an expensive service provided by only a few niche courier services operating in large urban areas. Now, the concept is ubiquitous. 

Not only is technology central to the delivery, but so is organization and optimization of the shipping process

The result is same-day shipping from big retailers to online shoppers. How does it work? Let’s dive in. 

Paying more for faster delivery

A delivery truck drives quickly down a road to deliver packages


Many consumers will pay extra for same-day shipping after making an online purchase. Speed outweighs the cost for a lot of customers.

A lot of customers today even expect same-day delivery or at least within 24 hours for items they need. 

Only 16% of consumers would be willing to wait for an urgent purchase if the seller was unable to deliver it within the requested time frame; 45% would simply cancel the order, while the remainder would purchase a different thing or shop somewhere else.

Technology enables companies to fulfill same-day deliveries

A warehouse worker picks a box off of a shelf in a fulfillment warehouse


Businesses use innovative methods to maintain their competitive edge and offer same-day shipping. 

Technology powers these innovative delivery options and efficient package tracking applications which streamline wait times and meet or exceed consumer expectations.

Customers get added control and visibility over the delivery of their packages. Companies do this by allowing people to choose their preferred delivery day and also a one-hour or two-hour time slot for deliveries.

Customers can even have the option of changing their delivery time via their smartphones while a package is en route, using a company’s package tracking application.

This added level of control and visibility is super convenient for customers, allowing them to personalize their own shopping experiences.

Other forms of added control that companies allow customers include:

  1. Sunday and evening deliveries.
  2. Secure delivery locations in lockers.  
  3. Click and Collect locations like stores. 

How is same-day shipping possible? 

The technologies that make same-day shipping possible include:

Robot-run warehouses

Imagine a group of people working among huge robots working away like clockwork. That’s the reality in warehouses like Amazon’s, which are overseen by pieces of software that have databases of available items that they move around to where they need to be. Then, a worker does the human work of stuffing items in a box, taping it, and sending it down a chute to a waiting truck.

Whether or not you agree with robot use in the workforce, you can’t deny the concept works for speed. 

Computer-driven logistics

Amazon has a patent for a system called “anticipatory shipping” that can predict your future purchases based on your previous purchases, browsing activity, and cursor movements.

This algorithm allows its system to ship items to centers that are nearer to its customers that it predicts they will buy soon, thus allowing for faster shipping. 

Drone delivery

Amazon has invested billions into perfecting drone delivery in order to enable faster delivery times. Customers may be having their goods buzzed onto their front porches straight from the warehouse by a drone.

Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous cars are huge news for shipping. They are more environmentally friendly and less expensive than traditional mail services. 

An autonomous fleet could have mechanical luggage racks, capable of unloading themselves and can move cargo and people at the same time. They are definitely the delivery service of the future. 

What do you think? 

What do you think about same-day delivery? Do you use it? Share your thoughts below and don’t forget to share this information with someone you know would appreciate it.

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  1. Andy on

    Since becoming disabled and unable to drive this service does come in handy even with the best planning sometimes it is needed. If there is an additional charge I will wait for the next best option though.


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