Ladies, this one’s for you!

As we are far too aware, putting on makeup can be a big hassle. Not only are makeup products expensive, they’re also TIME CONSUMING to apply — and even worse, they’re not always the most hygienic.

Well, the clever folks over at blendSMART think it’s time to end your fear of makeup smear. Their incredible new brush is a brilliant solution to combat all these issues and more!

Blendsmart parts and features | Airbrush Your Pores Away With This Smart Beauty Brush

blendSMART parts and features Photo by blendSMART

First off, the blendSMART has a rotating brush head. That’s right, a ROTATING brush. It’s designed to make blending easier while providing full coverage, wasting less product in the process.

This is one device that comes with a brush that perfectly suits all your needs. Blend better, apply better, and watch your makeup stay put all day long!

The blendSMART rotating brush is made of premium, soft, synthetic fibers. All that time you spent (or didn’t spend…) cleaning your other brushes? Forget it – that’s your time now. This brush was developed to be cleaned easier and quicker. This doesn’t just save time, it also means your facial skin will be less irritated than before — great for those with sensitive skin!

Plus, let’s talk about how much easier applying your makeup will be with a brush that does all the work. It rotates on its own. All you have to do is hold it in the right place.

It’s also super adaptable. You can choose between four different head attachments for all your makeup needs. There’s one for powder, blush, definer, and skin care.

blendSMART starter kit and accessories | Airbrush Your Pores Away With This Smart Beauty Brush

blendSMART starter kit and accessories Photo by blendSMART

What more could you ask for in an innovative beauty product?

If you’ve been dreaming of natural, airbrush-like coverage each time you put your makeup on, then the blendSMART rotating brush is your dream come true.

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Featured Image Collage of women using blendSMART Photo by blendSMART

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