Oh no, there’s AI in my snack bar!

Well… not literally. Or at least, not yet.

But these new snacks do have help from AI technology to combat something that we all experience…


How do these snacks help combat stress?

The Israeli-based startup myAir has created a variety of plant-based snack bars that help you control your stress levels.

They have 6 different blends of flavors and were specifically designed to counter the effects of stress. The bars attempt to do that by:

  • Helping with focus
  • Providing lasting energy
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Promote relaxation and sleep

Their flavors are more like blends because they’re built on a base of nuts and fruits. This blend is then mixed in with bioactive botanical extracts like hops, valerian, sage, rosemary, and more. These are the ingredients that target stress since they’re naturally relaxing plants.

The natural botanical extracts and super herbs act as a helper to the adrenal system – the system that controls our body’s hormonal response to stress.

Where’s the AI?

myAir offers a subscription service where they send the subscribers personalized combinations that can be delivered every month.

The AI-based algorithm creates a personalized monthly mix for all customers since they recognize that we all handle stress differently both mentally and physically.

“Our algorithm can analyze the data from each person’s specific mood and stress profile, then decide what formulation will provide them the best positive impact on their stress routine,” says founder and co-CEO of myAir, Rachel Yarcony.

So I just select what blend I want and that’s it?

myAir is different from other snack bars since customers have to first complete a profile evaluation in order to create a perfect bar for their specific needs. During the evaluation, they’re asked about how they mentally respond to stress, among other factors.

The evaluation is on their website and consists of a 3-minute test to see which bars suit you best.

Once they send it out to the customer, they can track how well the user feels using a smartwatch that will identify changes in heart rate, breathing, sleeping, and physical activity that’s all synced to the customer’s phone.

Their research has demonstrated a 73% reduction in stress over time.

The “wellness food industry” is expected to be over $700 billion by 2021, which has accelerated dramatically due to COVID-19. Since more people are focusing on their health, many startups are aiming for holistic health and wellness.

What do you think… are these all-natural products actually help with stress – or are they just used in order to market more snacks? Have you been eating/using more healthy products since the pandemic began?

Let us know your thoughts and experiences below!

Learn more about myAir at https://www.myair.ai/

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