In this day-and-age people from all over the world are connected via the Internet. Social media platforms allow us to experience daily life on other continents, in other cultures.

But what happens when you come face-to-face with someone who speaks a different language than you?

We haven’t quite nailed how to deal with those situations.

Sure, there are a few programs and devices out there that can assist with translation. They tend to be a bit pricey or not the best quality.

Now things are going to change, and Timekettle is leading the charge with Zero.

What exactly is Zero?

Zero GIF by Giphy/Indiegogo

It’s a small, handheld device that serves multiple functions as a reinvented translator. (The device is so small it’s about the size of a thumb!)

Rather than simply adding another translation device with old technology to the market, Timekettle took the time to develop something entirely new.

Here’s how it works:

  • Plug the mobile device into your phone
  • Select from one of the 36 languages and 84 accents
  • Start talking
  • Listen as Zero translates
  • Watch as the translated words appear on the screen

Tk Zero Auto Start GIF by Giphy/indiegogo

The most amazing feature is that Zero can translate up to 4 speakers at once. It tracks who says what so you don’t have to.

Whether you’re trying to start a conversation with a new friend you met while traveling, conducting an important international business meeting, or recording an interview, Zero can handle the task with ease.

Because it’s equipped with the world’s smallest quad-microphone array, it doesn’t miss a beat. The advanced technology helps cut down on background noise, too.

So, you no longer have to worry about missing a word here or there or replaying audio over and over again to catch a sentence. Both the audio and text version of the discussion are made available.

They say good things come to those who wait… And that’s definitely the case with this high-tech translation device.

The world is now a little more connected thanks to Zero.

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