We rely on our phones for everything. Texting, banking, ordering food, checking the weather, news, sports, watching videos…oh, and of course the occasional phone call. Most of us use it for navigating. Not only do we use it to get directions, estimated time of arrival, and traffic updates, but we use it as a map. There’s one problem: Driving while using a phone is extremely distracting. Sure there are cradles to hook your phone up to, but even those require you to take your eyes off the road while driving. VIZR has a solution for that problem.

VIZR is a small device that you rest on your dashboard. It projects the images of your phone onto your windshield so you can seamlessly view the road and your directions at the same time. Look familiar? It’s the same technology that fighter pilots use to stay focused on their flight path while navigating. Now you can pretend you’re Maverick from Top Gun!

Hands-free is the way to be while driving, and VIZR makes sure you won’t be busy fumbling for your phone to see what your next move is. VIZR has a slip-free surface that can hold any sized phone and it fits in any car or truck! It’s a wonderful improvement to any dashboard and would make a great gift for your easily distracted loved ones.

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