Every winter, we become especially thankful to be alive today… and NOT in cave-man times. I mean, what the heck did they do without Netflix and central heating?

I’ll tell you what they did: Suffered!

No way. Not us. Not in 2020. We have TOOLS to keep us warm, happy and secure.

Indeed. Now that we have thousands of years of innovation under our belts, winter is a breeze – and it’s become even easier thanks to these cool (hot?) winter gadgets. Check ‘em out!

1. Got cold feet? Keep them warm and toasty with these heated insoles – a MUST for anyone who spends time outdoors!

Personal opinion: Feet and hand warmers might be the most genius winter gadget ever invented.

Promising Review: “I own other integrated battery insoles that barely kept my feet worm inside the house in winter. One of the insoles stopped working after 10 uses. They’re throw aways. Since i hunt in cold weather (0 F), i wanted insoles that provided real heat. I used the Thermrup in my last hunting trip while sitting in my blind and within 15 minutes at maximum heat, my feet were worm again so i turned off the batteries. I also walked 4 miles in 18 inches of snow with the batteries in my boots and the wires or batteries didn’t bother me at all even if i didn’t use the velcro leg battery attachments provided with the insoles.” – Jules Charpentier

Click HERE to get the Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles!

2. Forget worrying about ice building up on your car… this clever gadget makes de-icing a piece of cake!

Promising Review: “AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!! Looking at this product you think it is a cheap thing and it’s a huge waste of money at first! Then You actually use it and it is amazing how great this works! Definitely worth the money!” – Molly

Click HERE to get the Magic Ice Scraper

3. Keep your ears warm and the tunes going while lighting the way with this 3-in-1 beanie/speaker/headlight combo!

Promising Review: “I love this hat! The sound is great! I walk and run outdoors and this hat stays In place and keeps me warm. All over a great purchase! I think I will buy a few for gifts too!” – Travis Hillis

Click HERE to get the Tutuko Speaker Beanie!

4. One of our favorites, the HandyHeater is amazing for small-medium spaces – it saves you TONS on heating bills!

It’s the next evolution of the space heater: smaller, more efficient, and easier to use.

Promising Review: “My husband & I Love it! You just plug it in & it doesn’t take up space like a space heater. Quickly heats up area, it has 2 levels (low & high) and you can set what temperature you want. I will be buying another for my office at work.” – Kindle

Click HERE to get HandyHeater!

5. In the office, but still finding the chill nipping at your toes? This heated foot mat will save the day!

Bonus: It doesn’t take much energy!

Promising Review: “This thing works great to keep me a bit warmer in my office. The bosses were concerned with employees heaters overloading the wiring.( actually had it flip a circuit breaker one day!) So they discussed banning space heaters. The nice thing about this is that it doesn’t take more energy than an old fashioned light bulb ( and we are allowed to have lamps). I placed this on two ceramic tiles on the floor beneath my desk, so that my feet rest on it. This creates a tiny cave of ambient warmth around my feet and legs that spills up onto my body as the heat rises. My office is slightly warmer than the hall when I have this on. It has two setting, and you can feel with your hand how warm/hot it gets. It’s warm enough to feel through shoes after prolonged contact, and with your hand quickly upon touching.” – Valeria

Click HERE to get the Cozy Warmer Foot Mat!

6. Everyone deals with foggy glasses now and then… but in the winter, it gets extreme. Peeps clear up your lenses (or goggles) FAST!

Best part? It’s pocket-sized and durable, so you can take it anywhere – and count on it to last.

Promising Review:I hate getting fingerprints on my aviators! This miracle cleaner not only cleans my glasses, iPhone, and iPad but is so cute too! Get ready for a great surprise!!” – Melissa Gorga

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7. This snowball launcher gets rid of snow the FUN way!

Tip: Just because it comes in a 2-pack doesn’t mean you need to give the other to your opponent.

Promising Review: “Bought these for the kiddos…they LOVE them! Lots of snowball fights happening this season!” – Jody

Click HERE to get the Hoopla Toys Snow Throwers!

8. What’s the most useful winter gadget of them all? A gadget that keeps you warm while using other gadgets! Enter the neoprene glove…

Promising Review: “These gloves feel very well made. They are comfortable and the neoprene is also under the zipper keeping it waterproof. The touchscreen works very well. I’m looking forward to using them at work on wet, rainy days. Will update with performance in the future.” – Kelly Bowers

Click HERE to get the Prodigen Outdoor Winter Gloves!

9. If you REALLY want to clear snow in style, nothing less than a snow thrower will settle.

Thankfully, good ones have become a lot more affordable these days.

Promising Review: “This was very easy to assemble. I thought having a cord attached while snow blowing would get in the way, but it didn’t. I had light weight snow today, so we shall see how it handles the heavy wet stuff another time. My 8 year old was able to use it also. Saved my back from shoveling! I have had 2 back surgeries and knee surgery. This helped me a ton!

Update Feb 24th 2018. 2 snow storms in one week and this thing handles it like a champ!!! Single mom and didn’t have the funds to buy a big one. Would but this again in an instant!” – Mandi Elken

Click HERE to get the Greenworks Snow Thrower

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