Do you remember how annoying taking pictures used to be? First of all, you had to find your camera, which probably meant ransacking the house. When you did finally spot it, you had to hope it had film in it or you’d have to embark on another search. Then, after you actually took some photos, you would have no idea how they turned out until you got the pictures back days or weeks later!

Fortunately, things have changed quite a bit when it comes to cameras, and because we’re all carrying them around these days, taking pics has never been easier. Yea, we’ve got cameras in our pockets which allows us to take pics at the drop of a hat, but the quality of the photos? Now that’s a different story. 

It seems like everyone’s an amateur photographer these days but how can you vastly improve your photos without spending countless hours editing or taking a photography class? We’ve got you covered with these 9 awesome apps, gadgets, and hacks that will make your photos so much better!


You probably already have a few hundred apps on your phone, so what’s a few more? When it’s time to take some outstanding-quality pics – or make changes to the ones you’ve already taken – these three apps will come in very handy:

  • MuseCam
  • If you consider yourself more of a photographer than just a person taking photos (or that’s what you’re aspiring to be), MuseCam is for you. It basically lets you turn your phone into a real camera so you can control things like white balance, focus, and exposure. There’s also a professional-grade built-in editing feature.
  • Halide Mark II
  • This is another app that will help make your pics look like a pro snapped them. It gives you more control of the pictures’ exposure and focus than you typically get from a smartphone. Plus, showcasing your works of art is easy: swipe right to add them to your favorites, swipe left to send them to the trash.
  • Prisma
  • Want your pics to look like tiny masterpieces? Using artificial intelligence, Prisma will transform them into pieces of art in the style of the greats like Picasso, Mondrian, and Van Gogh. The app even works on videos.


While apps are great, you can take your photos to a whole other level with gadgets. These three, in particular, will really make it look like you know what you’re doing:

  • OlumiRing
  • How often do you look at your selfies only to discover that they’re not flattering, too dark, or too grainy? It’s an extremely common problem, especially when you take pics inside. Fortunately, OlumiRing is the solution. OlumiRing makes you look amazing on camera no matter where you are or what device you’re using.
  • Its unique ring shape projects light in 360 degrees, while the built-in diffuser softens light for a flattering, professional look. Best of all, OlumiRing couldn’t be easier to use with one button, no installation, and the ability to be used right out of the box!
  • FreeVision VILTA-M Pro 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer Gimbal
    You’ll never have to worry about shaky hands causing blurry photos again with this stabilizer gimbal. In addition to several zoom and focus settings, it also comes with a variety of unique modes, like a 360-degree pan axis and kaleidoscope. Plus, when fully charged, the battery will last up to 17 hours.
  • Movii 360° Rotating Selfie Stick
    Yes, many of us made fun of selfie sticks when we first saw people using them, but that was then, this is now. If you really want to capture a great shot of yourself and perhaps some friends, this is the selfie stick to do it. It comes with infinite rotation and a face-tracking mode and will provide 50 hours of use with a full battery.


In addition to apps and gadgets, there are some good old-fashioned hacks to getting better pics. Turning on a feature here and modifying your technique there will take you from amateur photographer to pro. Here are three hacks to keep in mind the next time you’re looking to capture some memories.


  • Turn on your grid
  • The grid feature on your smartphone is more than just a detail you’ve accidentally turned on; it can help you take better shots way better shots! Using the famed “rule of thirds,” its grid lines will help you keep the horizon straight and frame your composition. 
    To switch the grid on

    • iPhone: Go to “Settings,” Choose “Camera,” and switch “Grid” on.
    • Samsung Galaxy: Launch the camera app, go to “Settings,” scroll down and switch the “grid lines” option to “on.”
  • Don’t zoom
  • It’s certainly tempting to zoom in as much as possible when trying to get a shot up close, particularly if what you’re focused on is some distance away. However, this usually just results in a grainy or pixelated image. You’ll get a much clearer shot if you just get as close as you can to the subject instead.


  • Try different angles
  • Most pictures are taken straight on, and if a friend ever showed you an endless amount of his or her vacation shots, you know just how boring this angle can get. That’s why you should think about experimenting with different perspectives and vantage points when capturing your subjects! Taking photos from unique, unexpected angles can make them more interesting and memorable.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to back up your photos!

Now that you know how to take fantastic pics, you don’t want to lose them. ThePhotoStick OMNI makes saving all of your pictures a breeze. All you have to do is plug it into any device and it finds all your photos and videos and quickly saves them. It automatically organizes your files, keeps them safe, and saves you tons of time. ThePhotoStick OMNI is the fast and easy way to preserve your great memories!

So, how do you improve the photos you take? Do you have any tricks that work especially well? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to click on the links above to check out our awesome product recommendations!

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