Yowza – what’s worse than a headache that won’t go away?!

We’ve all experienced them, and we’ve all found our own ways to find relief. Yes, it’s best to reduce stress, rest well and eat a balanced diet… but once the headache hits, those tips don’t help much, do they?

Sometimes you just need to wait it out… but if you’re in a hurry (or worse, experience chronic headaches), then the waiting game just doesn’t cut it.

So here are 5 unique ways to get relief – inspired by this writer’s own nagging headache! (Psst, you have to try #4 if you haven’t already… it’s pretty amazing.)

1. Use acupressure points to get all-natural relief – in SECONDS!

Did you know? The ancient Chinese practice of acupressure has been around for thousands of years – and for many, it’s still the best way to find relief.

This technique works by activating certain pressure points in your body, which correspond to other areas. For example, the LI4 acupressure point is well known for its ability to relieve migraines – among other ailments.

Using this trick is simple: you only need to apply pressure to the proper area, and it ought to bring you lightning-fast relief. However, this can be tiring (and some may not have the strength – or free hand – to keep it up for long).

That’s why we love Aculief. It’s a specially designed clip that fits snugly over your LI4 acupressure point. It’s got incredible reviews from all sorts of users, too – like this one from Maggie:

“I have suffered from chronic migraines for years. I have been out of work for nearly a year because of it. I ordered Aculief because I figured it was worth a try. Let me tell you-Aculief is AMAZING! I am able to wear it at the onset of a headache and I can feel the pain decreasing within minutes! I will be recommending this product to migraine sufferers from now on. I plan to share this Aculief with my neurologist as well. Thank you for helping me begin the journey of getting my life back!”

Click HERE to get Aculief!

2. Warm up your neck and shoulders

This technique can work wonders on tension headaches – along with other aches and pains. Some swear that it’s the only way they find relief at all!

Be warned, though – some of these devices are reported to have problems in the microwave, even catching fire. We did some research and found this aromatherapy heating pad with excellent reviews, such as this one:

“This is my 2nd Happy Wrap! I get severe migraines and the only thing that brings some relief is heat therapy. I purchased after lots of searching for something budget friendly and targeted for my pain areas. This worked so well for me and has a nice scent that’s soothing without being overwhelming ((but everyone is different)). My previous wrap lasted about a year before it got a burnt smell but probably would have lasted longer if I took better care of it. I love this product and will be a continuing customer!” – TP

Click HERE to get the Happy Wraps Microwavable Neck Wrap!

3. If you’re quitting coffee, take it slow – don’t go cold turkey!

Many people don’t realize that caffeine is physically addictive. This means it actually causes minor withdrawal symptoms, especially if you quit suddenly – and the major one is a headache.

The trick is to reduce your intake slowly. If you’re used to a few cups (or a quadruple-shot grande latte) in the morning, just cut out a cup (or espresso shot) every few days.

You can also switch to tea, which generally has less caffeine than coffee. (Many types also have other health benefits, such as antioxidant properties.)

(Oh, and if you’re wondering why this is on a list of “quick relief” solutions – if you’ve got a caffeine headache right now, go ahead and take a sip of coffee. See what we mean?)

4. (Safely) call in the “big guns” with Kailo – the futuristic nanotech solution to all sorts of pains

This is definitely the coolest item on the list, and it’s probably the most effective – for more than just headaches!

Kailo is a new “nanotech patch” that’s embedded with billions of tiny nanocapacitors. These nanocapacitors communicate with your body’s natural electrical system, essentially regulating the signals and “turning off” your pain like a light switch.

It sounds complicated, but all you really need to know is that it’s 100% drug-free, completely safe to use for as long as you like, and it works in just seconds. The future of pain relief is here… what’s not to love?!

Plus, there are some rather fascinating stories about it already…

“My 7-year old daughter woke up this morning with a 103° fever and in agony — ‘my brain hurts sooo baaaad’ — we laid her down on a pillow with a Kailo patch under her temple. She calmed right down. When we asked her if it still hurt she said yes (but she was no longer crying). So we took it out from under her head. Within 15 seconds she was crying again so we put the Kailo back. After 10 minutes we found it on the bed and she said she took it off because it doesn’t hurt anymore. She’s now sitting up and watching TV.” – Jared F.

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5. Try aromatherapy oils, such as this “migraine stick”

Here’s another one that’s been around for many years – aromatherapy oils!

These all-natural remedies are useful for a lot of things, such as aches and pains, dizziness, nausea, and of course headaches.

There are plenty on the market, but this migraine stick was designed for easy use and portability. Plus, it’s got thousands of awesome reviews… like this one:

“I’ve had chronic migraine for 4 and 1/2 years. The doctors have determined the cause to be hormone related, and I’m constantly treated like a guinea pig to figure out how to successfully balance my estrogen levels. I’ve had 7 different doctors at a time, tried everything from homeopathic supplements to acupuncture and still most days I have some form of headache. Most of my pain sits right behind my eyes, forehead, and temples. While I can say that Migrastil Migraine Headache Stick Roll-on is not a cure for a migraine, I can say that it definitely lessens the intense pain in these areas. Of all the pain relievers that I’ve tried other than narcotics, the Migrastil Migraine Headache Stick Roll-on is my favorite choice. If you suffer from migraines, I’m sorry for you and pray that you will be healed. Living with chronic migraine is practically unbearable, but I have found relief with this product.” – Binnie K.

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