Did you know Benjamin Franklin was joking when he suggested Daylight Saving Time back in 1784?

It’s true! He pitched the idea as a way to save money on electricity, with suggestions to ration candles and even fire cannons early in the morning to rouse those who slept in!

Ben Franklin’s idea, whether it was a joke or not, gives us that extra hour of daylight and a fun way to mark the arrival of spring every year.

So, in honor of Ben Franklin, my team and I have found 5 incredible innovations that are on sale today to make your day a little better. These goodies will improve your health, save you time, and save you hundreds of dollars! Check out the awesome innovations below and enjoy the longer days!

AirPhysio: Improve Your Breathing & Increase Lung Capacity INSTANTLY So You Can Live Every Day to the Fullest

Do you want to take advantage of the longer days but your poor lung quality tires you out too fast? If you struggle with asthma or other breathing issues, AirPhysio is your answer to breathing and living better! It’s an award-winning, patented Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) device used to help improve breathing naturally. Many people notice improved breathing after just 1 use! Utilize AirPhysio to improve your breathing and upgrade your life!

  • No batteries, no refills, and no liquids required
  • Hand-held and fits in your pocket
  • 100% Natural: No drugs or pills required!
  • Safer than similar products on the market
  • Award-winning & doctor-approved

Rated 4.1 stars with 1800+ reviews – Winner of the Start-Up Of The Year and the International Best Product Award!

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The PhotoStick Mobile: Protect All of Your Phone’s Photos & Videos (And Make Room For More) In One Tap!

Longer days mean more time to create special memories! Worried your phone won’t have room for all of those extra pictures and videos? The PhotoStick Mobile is your answer to safe, secure media storage for your phone. No expensive or risky cloud storage needed. The PhotoStick Mobile is a USB device you can carry with you. With one tap, those special memories are safely stored on the portable backup. Take advantage of daylight saving and capture those extra special memories! Never worry about running out of space on your phone again!

  • Easy to use – just plug it in and tap “GO!”
  • No complicated smartphone tricks
  • Save up to 60,000 photos without filling up your phone!
  • Back up 1,000s of photos and videos in minutes
  • Works on all Androids, iPhones, and iPads
  • Easily transfer photos to your computer
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Over $8 million in sales and counting!

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Bril: The “On the Go” Toothbrush Sanitizer Protects Your Mouth From MILLIONS Of Germs Wherever You Go!

Are you traveling more now that the days are getting longer? More travel means more germs. Right now, your toothbrush likely has 100 million nasty germs crawling all over it! Now, you can keep your body safe from germs with Bril, the Automatic Toothbrush Sanitizer! Bril uses UV light to safely eliminate 99.9% of germs before they enter your body. Bril prevents germs from reproducing by destroying their DNA. Get Bril and keep your mouth and body safe when you travel!   

  • Kills 99.9% of germs with safe UV light
  • Works on any brush – one size fits all!
  • Easy to use – Bril sterilizes your toothbrush before every use!
  • Comes in multiple colors so you can easily tell your Bril apart from other products
  • Protects your body from bacteria that causes heart disease, diabetes, and more

One reviewer said that Bril is “nothing short of genius” and she puts “100% trust in this sterilizer.”

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FIXD: The Device That Can Save You Thousands of Dollars on Expensive Car Repairs

Do you travel more during Daylight Saving Time? Extra travel equals more wear and tear on your car. Car repairs are inevitable but figuring out what’s wrong doesn’t have to be a mystery! FIXD takes the guesswork out of expensive car repairs! When your check engine light comes on, FIXD can instantly let you know what’s wrong. FIXD saves both you and your mechanic tons of expensive diagnostic time! Save thousands of dollars on car repairs with FIXD!

  • Quickly diagnoses that “check engine” light (and other problems)
  • Easily plugs into any and all cars – gas, diesel, or Hybrid!
  • It’s like having a qualified mechanic in your pocket
  • Alerts you in real-time of over 7,000 potential issues with your car
  • You can link multiple FIXD sensors to one account to monitor every car in your family to keep them safe

Over 10,000 five-star reviews on Amazon!

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M.C. Squares: Reusable Mini Whiteboards Help You Save Time, Stay Organized, and Save Money

Are you busier now that the days are longer? Do you struggle to remember important tasks but hate wasting money and trees on sticky notes that get thrown away? M.C. Squares can keep you organized without the waste! These mini reusable whiteboards cling to any shiny surface. Stay organized in every room in your office or home! “No Smudge” design allows you to protect messages and erase them when you’re ready. Use thousands of times and save money and trees. M.C. Squares are the perfect way to stay organized and preserve the environment!

  • Easily stick to shiny surfaces such as mirrors, glass appliances, windows, or cabinets 
  • Save money and trees by never buying paper planners again
  • No messy smudging, no accidental erasing
  • 2-year durability replacement guarantee
  • Eco-friendly: made with wind power in the USA

As seen on Shark Tank!

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