The videos you’re about to watch will restore your faith in people. There are ordinary people out there that will go out of their way to save others when a life is on the line. These people come from all walks of life; some are older and others are young; some act alone while others act as a group. Regardless of their differences, they are all heroes worth celebrating. Take a look.

1. Mother saves her child’s life in a choking emergency using LifeVac

This video shows a dramatic scene in which a toddler starts to choke on his food. The mother of the child acts quickly, pulling out a LifeVac anti-choking device to stop the choking and prevent the worst from happening.

2. Dozens of strangers team up to save a boy whose leg is caught between a rail car and the waiting platform

In this video, the power of teamwork and solidarity shines through. A boy is saved by a group of strangers after his leg gets pinched between a rail car and the waiting platform. After his leg gets caught, passengers quickly inform the train operators to prevent them from starting the train and then proceed to lean hard against it to move it so that the boy can pull his leg free.

3. Baseball player stops a journalist from getting hit by a baseball speeding through the air

Here, a baseball player relies on his well-honed instincts to catch a ball heading straight for the head of the journalist interviewing him.

4. Young man on a scooter blocks traffic to save an old lady from getting hit as she crosses the street

Sometimes, a hero is required to remind us all of the age-old value of helping an old lady cross the street. In this video, one such hero blocks off traffic using his scooter to ensure a woman gets the recognition and safety she deserves.

5. Big brother flies to the rescue to save his baby brother who falls from the top of a shelf

A 9-year-old develops super speed to fly through the air and catch his 11-month-old baby brother who was plummeting to the floor in this video that is sure to leave you breathless.

Each of these videos remind us that there is good in the world and anyone can be a hero, including you. If these videos inspired you, share them with friends and other real-life heroes you know about. Also, be sure to check out LifeVac — the device that can save your own life (or a loved one’s) in a choking emergency.

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