The times sure are changing!

In the past few decades, we’ve all become increasingly conscious of our collective “footprint”. And even though we’re still learning about our impact on the planet, it’s clear that some of our habits aren’t particularly healthy… for us or our fellow inhabitants.

Thankfully, the world’s brightest innovators have set their sights on this global problem. These days, we’re seeing all sorts of cool inventions that reduce waste, increase efficiency and generally make our world a better place to live.

Today we’re shining the spotlight on just a few of those – and in some cases, you can even use them yourself! Ready to go green? Of course you are!


1. Last Tissue: The World’s First Washable Tissue Pack


Did you know? Each year, 9.8 million trees are cut down to produce single-use tissue packs. (You know, the ones that come wrapped in plastic… and quickly become a ball of trash in your pocket.)

Yes, they’re super convenient… but they have a horrible hidden cost – and our planet is forced to pick up the tab.

That’s why we’re huge fans of Last Tissue – the 100% hygienic reusable tissue pack. It includes 6 delightfully soft tissues that hide away after use, so it’s even MORE convenient (not to mention comfortable) than single-use packs.

Click HERE to get Last Tissue!


2. GoSun FlatWare: The Reusable, Portable Silverware Set


When you’re grabbing food to go, what do you usually use to eat it?

Yes… plastic utensils. Just like those throw-away tissues, they’re quite handy – but also, a huge burden on our oceans.

In fact, experts agree that our oceans will be absolutely filled with plastic by 2050. Can you imagine your grandchildren swimming in plastic soup? Yuck. Neither can we.

But thankfully, that may NOT become our reality. That’s because a new startup, GoSun, has just released their flagship product: FlatWare. This portable utensil set gives you the EXACT same experience as real flatware, but you can easily carry it with you wherever you go.

That means you can avoid contributing to the “plastic soup” that’s killing marine life… and still enjoy your to-go food without any guilt. It’s a win-win!

Click HERE to get FlatWare!


3. THE BOX: A Reusable Shipping Container That Reduces E-Commerce Waste


We featured this interesting take on packaging recently, and it’s still one of our favorite concepts.

THE BOX is meant to replace those cardboard boxes that simply get recycled (or worse: thrown away) after a single use. It’s made from recycled materials, and it even includes “E-Ink” – a digital form of “ink” that replaces labels.

Retailers can use THE BOX up to 1,000 times. After that, they can recycle it – making it the most sustainable packaging option by leaps and bounds.

Development is still underway, but you can expect to see some form of THE BOX on your doorstep at some point in the near future. (Unless someone finds a way to eliminate the need for packaging entirely, of course. Innovation is a competitive industry, we won’t lie…)


4. Impossible Food: Meat-free Alternatives That Seriously Reduce Carbon Emissions (And Our Hunger)

Image source: Flickr


You may have heard about the Impossible Burger, which is taking the world by storm with its delicious alternative to beef.

While veggie burgers are nice, it’s hard to compare them to the Impossible Burger. It really tastes (and looks) like beef. The secret behind it is DNA extracted from soy plants – with a bit of effort, they’re able to recreate the experience of beef without requiring any meat.

So, how does this help the environment? Well, you may not realize it, but 45% of the planet’s livable surface is currently used for grazing. These animals contribute to carbon emissions (we won’t go into detail here), so replacing them with a meat-free alternative will significantly reduce this pollution. Plus, we hear the cows are pretty happy about it…


5. The Airbitat Compact Cooler: The Coolest (Eco-Friendly) Cooler We’ve Ever Seen!

Image source: Airbitat


Coming from Singaporean start-up ST Engineering, the Airbitat Compact Cooler is designed to cool even the hottest temperatures. Using a water-based cooling system, the Airbitat “listens” to the environment and adjusts its cooling efforts in real time.

This unique approach is especially useful in places like Singapore – where the extreme summer months can get overwhelming. It takes a ton of energy to keep everyone cool… but with smart solutions like the Airbitat, we can finally have comfort without the cost to our planet!


Alright, that’s it for today’s list. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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