You might remember playing with magnets from childhood and thinking they were pretty darn cool…for about ten minutes. But what if I told you that magnets can do much more than just attract metal objects?

Well, they can, and these five cool magnet videos will show you how they can be used in super creative ways.

Let’s check them out! 

1. 27 Magnetic Experiments to Blow Your Mind 

Did you know that you can stack coins and make them spin, defying gravity in the process? Or that you can make a top spin in mid-air all by itself? These experiments might sound like magic tricks but they’re made possible with magnets! Take a look at these 27 amazing magnet experiments:


2. Build a Fantastic DIY Maze for Hamsters

Imagine an obstacle course for hamsters, one that gives them all the exercise they need instead of just a boring old running wheel. That’s what you can build with magnets by watching this video. Your hamster will be Olympics-ready and poised to win the gold in no time once you set this up. The explosion of color just makes it more magical to look at when you’re done. Feast your eyes:


3. Build Your Very Own PS4 Game Console Model Using Magnetic Balls

You might not want to buy a PS4 game console but how about building your own model to enjoy whenever you want? You can do this with magnetic balls! Check out this video to see how it’s done:


4. Create an Awesome Strobe Light

What can you build when you’ve got a bunch of magnetic cubes and balls, a tiny power source, and a mini strobe light? You can light up a room in the dark with your own colorful strobe light creation. It’s almost like having your own disco ball – only this time it’s a box made of magnets. You can watch the magic unfold in this video here:


5. Declutter Your Life with MagnetPAL

Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to worry about the tools in your workshop or kitchen falling off the shelves ever again? It’s so frustrating when these things fall off their handles and roll away into unreachable corners. Well, you can eliminate this problem with MagnetPAL, the world’s most powerful and useful magnet. This award-winning gadget gives you the power to hold, find, hide, and secure thousands of everyday tools and objects so that you always have them where you need them. Take a look and be amazed:


Who said magnets were dull? These five cool magnet videos show just how creatively and surprisingly they can be used! Open your mind to the possibilities. 

If these videos sparked your interest, share them with friends and DIY-ers that you know. Also, don’t forget to check out MagnetPAL, the world’s most powerful and useful magnet.

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