Heading away for a winter vacation gets you out of the house and spending time relaxing solo or with family and friends. Even though your goal is probably to relax and have fun, you could, unfortunately, be targeted by thieves while traveling, especially if it’s obvious you’re not from around there. Following a few vacation safety tips can greatly help however to keep you and your valuables safe.

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Vacationing in an exotic location is a wonderful experience and something you’ll remember for years to come. However, there are inherent risks, especially when staying in a hotel and lounging in places you’re not familiar with. You’ll want to protect yourself and keep your valuables safe. Here are four invaluable vacation safety tips to do that: 

Make copies of everything

Things can go missing from your hotel room in an instant. Sometimes, hotel staff will turn a blind eye to the theft, and it could even be resort workers responsible for it. 

Never leave too much cash in your room because that’s one item you’re unlikely to get back. You should also make copies of your travel documents and passports before you leave for your trip to ensure you can get back home without visiting the embassy to apply for an emergency replacement. 

Keep these copies in a locked, hidden spot in your room (use a safe if there is one), in your luggage, or in your pocket to prevent theft. 

Project confidence

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Whether you’re walking through an all-inclusive resort or exploring a nearby town, projecting confidence can prevent muggers from targeting you. The gist is that confident people look like more challenging victims, so criminals will move on to someone else.

People communicate in numerous ways, including with body language. If you project a confident vibe that makes it look like you know where you’re going and understand the area, you can scare off potential attackers. The same goes for making eye contact because it shows you’re confident in yourself and you aren’t lost, worried, or scared.

It’s important to remember, though, that making too much eye contact can invite trouble in some parts of the world. You don’t want to stare people down; just make sure they know you see them and are aware of the situation.

Research your insurance

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You wouldn’t travel without insurance, but what exactly does it include? Some policies cover travel disruption and health emergencies, while others will reimburse you for lost or stolen items while you’re out of the country.

Your credit card could also have a built-in travel insurance policy, but every card is different. You can give your issuer a quick call before leaving on vacation to see what it covers. It’s worth noting that some credit cards will only protect items you purchased using that card.

Make sure you read your travel insurance policy carefully, especially if you’re bringing valuable items with you. You never want to have your laptop, phone, jewelry, or camera stolen, but having insurance coverage that replaces these items could take the sting out of your loss.

Bring protection

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Always be proactive about protecting your things while on vacation. Pack protective gear that makes it easier to keep your valuables safe from potential thieves.

FlexSafe is the ultimate portable safe that protects your valuables. This slash-resistant safe allows you to store tons of common items and features an anti-theft security system, nickel alloy lock, cyber data protection, and a lot more. You can store your passport, keys, cash, credit cards, jewelry, phone, and other valuables inside this safe when you’re away from your hotel room and lock it to your chair, backpack, or anywhere else using its built-in combination lock.

Another option is carrying a travel wallet under your clothing. These anti-theft devices aren’t visible when you’re wearing them and are very difficult to get into, helping keep your valuables safe while on vacation.

Have a fun (and safe) vacation!

Vacation safety is vital when traveling to a new place. You want to have fun but you won’t be having much without first protecting yourself and your things. Fortunately, these four tips can assist you while you enjoy your vacation.

What are some of your favorite vacation safety tips? Let us know in the comment section, and remember to share this list with anyone who will be traveling soon.

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