1. LIFT Up Your Kitchen Game

LIFT Multi-functional Cutting Board | 3 Kickstarters That Will Change the Way You Eat and Drink For The Better

LIFT Multi-functional Cutting Board Photo by LIFT

Taco bout a fun gadget!…..sorry.

LIFT is a circular cutting board that lifts out of its surrounding plastic ring for transport and/or serving. It’s made by the Caveman Factory, a company that wants to promote healthy eating through environmental-friendly products that are both functional and easy on the eyes. This aide makes prep work easier by transforming your cutting board to better suit each task at hand.

Though it is lightweight and stores easily, LIFT is a functional art piece you can also keep on display. You could use it as a simple modern fruit bowl or a lavish cheese plate. Check out the Kickstarter campaign and be one of the first people to own it!

2. A Sustainable Indoor Garden

OGarden Smart | 3 Kickstarters That Will Change the Way You Eat and Drink For The Better

OGarden Smart Photo by Kickstarter

If Matt Damon can grow potatoes on Mars, it’s about time we have our own sustainable garden units on Earth. While indoor gardening isn’t something new, the OGarden Smart is a revolutionary feat. It’s an innovative way to grow a sustainable garden at home with minimal user effort. The OGarden Smart allows busy families easy-access to delicious healthy food.

To say the least, this crowd favorite funded on Kickstarter in 6 minutes! Looks like a bountiful harvest will abound in the homes of many.

3. A Reusable Straw That’s EASY To Clean

Rain Straw | 3 Kickstarters That Will Change the Way You Eat and Drink For The Better

Rain Straw GIF by Kickstarter

Most reusable straws sound like a good idea at first, but it turns out they’re filled with bacteria and germs because they’re so hard to clean. Rain Straw solved this problem by creating a straw that slides apart, allowing you to clean the inside with ease, plus it’s dishwasher safe so you have no excuse not to clean it.

Don’t believe me? Just watch their hilarious Kickstarter video – Rain Straw: The Reusable Slide-Apart Straw For Easy Cleaning!

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