1. Give The Gift Of A Stovetop Free Of Oil Splatter and Spillover With The FryWall!

Promising Review: Originally a gift, this is useful in limiting spatter- far more effective than mesh screens. I’ve successfully used it for cooking down bulky items like spinach-everything g stays I the pan-, and sauteing, cooking bacon and such. Unfold, put in pan, cook. Run under water a few seconds to remove debris if there, fold loosely back into a cone, tuck into dishwasher. Done. – THOS

Get The FryWall Here

2. For The Serious Baker: This Reusable, Non-Stick Liner Catches Cheeses, Sauces And Other Baked-On Messes, And Wipes Clean Effortlessly, So They Can Spend Less Time Cleaning!

Promising Review: I love this product! The FitFabHome non stick oven liners save time and money. I do not have to go to the expense of setting my oven to self clean everytime I spill something or if something boils over. These oven liners are easy to use they side in place and stay where you put them. Cleaning is a breeze. They wipe clean with a damp dishcloth. Stubborn spills could require washing the liner with soap and water. I always reorder when I get down to my last oven liner. I even gifted them to my daughter. She loves these oven liners now too! – Amazon Customer 

Get The Oven Liner Here

3. For Grandma: This Automatic Jar Opener Is Just What The Doctor Ordered For Arthritic Hands

Promising Review: This product works great. It’s easy to use. Just with a little practice, I can open any jars now. It’s a keeper for the kitchen. Highly recommend for the elderly or someone with arthritis. – tttn

Get The Jar Opener Here

4. Any Pasta-Lover Will Get Plenty Of Use Out Of This Tool For Straining While The Food Is Still In The Pot!

Promising Review: If you still haven’t gotten one of these, you are missing out! No more hot splashes, no more arm fatigue, no more food falling out of the pan and into the sink. I am so impressed with this, I am going to buy more as gifts! – M. Hance

Get The Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer Here

5. Some People Like To Cook. No One Likes To Clean Up Afterwards. But These Gloves Just Might Change That.

Promising Review: I was so excited to use these gloves and so far I am happy ! A little stiff but I’m sure they will loosen up with time. The gloves really create a good lather and it feels great to clean dishes with my hand instead of a sponge. I bought two and I’m thinking these might be a good Christmas gifts for my GFs. – Alise C.

Get ANZOEE Reusable Silicone Dishwashing Gloves Here

6. Support Their Healthy-Eating Goals With This Salad Bowl Cutter For Faster Rinsing, Chopping and Serving Leafy Greens

Promising Review: This salad cutter bowl works great! I bought it as a gift for my mom, who likes to have a salad at every meal but has no time to prepare one. This item was the solution! It literally takes just one minute to have a perfectly chopped salad in front of you. – Amazon Customer

Get The Salad Cutter Bowl Here

7. Give The Gift Of Perfectly Peeled, Split, And Pitted Avocados With This 3-In-1 Slicer!

Promising Review: A “no reason” gift for my husband and he loves it! – Amazon Customer

Get The OXO 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer Here

8. Help Them Keep The Kitchen Clean With This Reusable Bag That Hangs From Any Cabinet!

Promising Review: I love it, soo handy and close to cleaning the sink in kitchen, keeping the dirt in small bags then sealing them once full keeps the odors away from my garbage bag recommended and bought more as gifts to my family members – Roofx

Get The Lunies Hanging Trash Garbage Bag Holder Here

9. Help Them Cut The Cooking Mess With This Multi-Purpose Spill Stopper – Even Stops Splashing and Cooking Oil Droplets!

Promising Review: These work as advertised. They look great and clean up easily and are easy to store. I’m buying more to give as gifts. – kernal

Get The AUANDYU 2 X Spill Stopper Here

10. Give Them The Edge In The Kitchen With These Professional Herb-Cutting Scissors!

Promising Review: I bought three pairs of the herb scissors, one for me and two for gifts. I have used mine, and they are wonderful. I love using fresh herbs, but they are not fun to chop. These scissors make the job of chopping the herbs actually fun, and they are incredibly easy to clean. The scissors arrived in a timely manner, and the packaging was very attractive. I can hardly wait for special events to give the extra pairs to my daughter-in-law and my son’s girlfriend. – Patricia M.

Get The Jenaluca Herb Scissors Cover Here

11. There’s No Crying In The Kitchen – Especially With The “World’s Best Onion Chopper”!

Promising Review: I bought the for my cousin for Christmas because she hates chopping onions more than anything. she can’t stop telling me what an amazing gift this was and how AMAZING it works. its easy to use, durable, and eliminates the tears from chopping the onions, as well as the strong smell that lingers on her hands for days. its makes chopping vegetables and cooking dinner so much easier. I may need to buy one for myself – Lauren

Get The Mueller Pro Vegetable Chopper Here

12. Any Working Person (Not Just The Foodies) Will LOVE This 3-Step Tool For Making A Tasty, Healthy Breakfast Fast On Busy Mornings

Promising Review: I bought this as a White Elephant gift, but my son ended up with it at the end of the game so it came home with us. I’m surprised at how convenient this little sandwich maker is. I was really worried about cracking an egg into it but the plate is so hot there is no spill-over. As someone who tends to skip breakfast, this is a great way to make something quick with a good amount of protein. My favorite combination, so far, is english muffin, pre-cooked sausage patty, cheddar, egg, spinach leaves. Not only do all the ingredients come together nicely, but the muffin gets nice and crispy on the outside. Clean up is easy since the stacking segments come out so everything can be wiped down. – Leona D

Get The Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker Here

13. Does The Chef In Your Life Spend A Lot Of Time On Their Feet? This Anti-Fatigue Mat Is The Perfect Blend Of Support And Softness!

Promising Review: This is a great mat. Adds a ton of comfort in the kitchen, is super durable (I’ve had mine for years already and still looks just as good as when I bought it), and easy to clean up. I run over mine with a vacuum cleaner and use soap/water regularly when I spill on it and never seen an issue. I liked it so much, as did my parents, that I got them one as a gift. The package ships flat so it comes in a large box but there is no issue with rolling, it’s already flat as it should be. – Joseph

Get The Anti-Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat Here

14. For The Eco-Friendly Chef: This Infinitely-Reusable Silicone Zip Bag Prevents Hundreds (If Not Thousands!) Of Single-Use Plastic Bags From Ending Up In The Trash.

Promising Review: The pink color is so cute…I only bought one to start but I plan to buy more in the future. Works great with all different kinds of food items. Makes a perfect gift for friends and family. – Julia

Get The Stasher Bag Here

15. This Wireless Meat Thermometer Is The Perfect Cooking Tool For Outdoor BBQ Pit Masters Who Need To Monitor Their Meat And Pit Temperatures From Afar

Promising Review: I originally got one as a gift and wasn’t expecting it to be much better than any of my other ones. I was SO WRONG. This thing is AWESOME! All of my other thermometers just sit in the drawer now because the MEATER+ is the only one I use. The programming is smart enough to let you know when to take meat off the grill so that it reaches the correct internal temperature while RESTING. And you can totally geek out about all the data displayed on the app. I have bought another 2 MEATER+ sets as presents for others because I love mine so much. – B. Mc

Get The Smart Thermometer Here

16. Help Them Get Their Money’s Worth Out Of Their Fruits And Veggies!

Promising Review: I have to say…I wasn’t sure in the begining, but now a true believer! They are FANTASTIC little floppy…rubbery…amazing food keepers. I love them so much I bought some as a gift for my sister. So glad I watched the video about the two wonderful women who came up with these “huggers”, they REALLY work! – WJ Mac

Get The Food Huggers Here

17. No Space For More Cooking Tools In Their Apartment’s Kitchen? Help Them Save Space With This 8-in-1  Funnel, Juicer, Grater, Egg Cracker, Shredder, Can Opener, Egg Separator and Measuring Cup!

Promising Review: Such a cute idea. I gave this as a gift to a friend that loves to cook. It went over great and they were very pleased!! Really great value for the price. – Amanda

Get The BUTEFO 8 in 1 Kitchen Tool Set Here

Now Everyone Can Get That Coveted “Edge” Brownie Piece With This Cool Non-Stick Pan!

Promising Review: Absolutely love this pan. My daughter bought me one several years ago and it is awesome! My granddaughter loves the way the brownies come out. I had been looking to buy her one for a while and was glad when I saw it on Amazon. Makes an great gift! – T.C. Starbird

Get The Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan Here

18. Give Them The Gift Of Healthy-Yet-Delicious Frozen Treats Anytime With This Dessert Blender!

Promising Review: I love it! I just received it today and have already used it 3 times! The consistency I would compare to Italian Ice, it is very smooth. Easily assembled and used with easy clean up and disassembly. I placed a second order as a gift for my mom! – Jessica C. 

Get The Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet Blender Here

19. Help Them Get Their Eggs Right Every Time, Any Way They Like Them, With This Rapid Egg Cooker!

Promising Review: This egg cooker is absolutely great! It uses very little water to make hard boiled, medium boiled, or soft boiled eggs. You just poke the egg, put the measured water into the egg cooker, and push the button to turn it on. It turns off automatically when the eggs are cooked. I have purchased several of these for gifts to other people. – Lynnt

Get The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker Here

20. Even The Pasta Purist In Your Life Wont Be Able To Say No To This Faster Way To Make Perfect Al Dente Pasta

Promising Review: Love this product. I have given three as gifts. I used to hesitate making pasta because I didn’t want wdeal with the clean up of a pasta pot and strainer….or the likelihood of cleaning the stove. I have a hot water spicot which may be why I am particularly happy with my Fasta Pasta. I suspect it takes longer to cook using tap water. Be careful you will be eating more pasta☹️ – JBS

Get The Original Fasta Pasta Here

21. This Uniquely Designed Pan Will Let Them Cook A Full Meal In A Single Pan. How’s That For Convenience?

Promising Review: Bought this as a Christmas gift for my dad…he loves it!!!! As someone who’s passionate about cooking and also cooks for our family of 5 it’s such a help to him . Very well crafted too. A definite must buy!! – Keeran I. 

Get The Master Pan Here

22. Indulge Their Sweet-Tooth With This “Ultimate Cookie Dipping Spoon”!

Promising Review: Hilarious gift for my Oreo craving boy! – Gregory H. 

Get The Dipr the Ultimate Cookie Spoon Here

23. Do They Like It Hot? Help Your Friends Spice Things Up With This Hot Sauce-Making Kit!

Promising Review: This kit is awesome! We had a “hot sauce making” party and used this kit (along with other peppers Home grown and store bought) and had a blast! Also purchased additional bottles so everyone could take some sauce home. Definitely a great gift to give for your hot sauce fan in your life! – Jennifer

Get The Hot Sauce Kit Here

24. For Those Who Don’t Have Time To Leave The Office, This Small Crockpot Will Let Them Enjoy Warm, Hearty Lunches Without Even Bothering With The Office Microwave!

Promising Review: I bought this as a gift for my mom and she absolutely loves it! She was having a hard time planning healthy meals to have at work and this was just the best thing for her. She loves oatmeal so she puts all the ingredients in at home and cooks it at work. She’s also maxes varying soups and they’ve all come out great and in only a few hours. – Chelsie

Get The Crock-Pot Lunch Here

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