1. Shine A Light On Your Walks At Night With This Super Cool Fiber-Optic Dog Leash!

Promising Review: I have this leash in pink and green. Both my dogs are 90pounds. We walk in the morning. THIS LEASH IS WONDERFUL!!! Easy to carry, works great, and you can be seen in the dark. I have used this leash for over a year and LOVE IT! The batteries have not had to be replaced. Also, I have dropped it several times and it does not break. Great product!! -Kris D.

Get Nighty Leash Here

2. New Dog Training Got Them Pulling Their Hair Out? Help Make It Simple With This Ultrasonic Trainer!

Promising Review: This device has changed our lives. I have a miniature dachshund whom is very protective of his home, would bark at people when they arrived, bark at people when the leave and bark at people/dogs/cars as they would go by in front of our home. Our dog is now the “perfect” dog, and we keep saying that “he is the dog we always wanted”. Even people coming into our home now “Love” him, instead of thinking what a horrible barking dog he is. Thank you so much for This great dog trainer!! – Deanne B.

Get The Modus Anti Barking Device Here

3. Give Their Pups The Gift Of Clean Paws (And Their Owners The Gift of Clean Floors!)

Promising Review: Best. Thing. Ever. This product works like a charm. It gets the sand from between their pads, and is gentle enough that even my most stubborn pup tolerates it! -Rachel

Get The Paw Cleaner Here

4. This Glove Can Keep Their Pets Well Groomed, and Takes The Work Out Of Picking Up Shedding Hair

Promising Review: It’s simple. It’s a glove you put on your hand to remove loose hairs when petting your furry pets. It works. It’s easy. The pets love it. And this is the best price I found for the PAIR of gloves (yes, a left and a right).” – Jade P.

Get The STARROAD-TIM Pet Grooming Glove Here

5. Fetch-A-Holics Rejoice! This Tennis Ball Launcher Will Keep Their Dog Entertained For HOURS!

Promising Review: What’s really great about this thing is that it actually works! I did a test just yesterday and I put this thing on my couch and put a fleece blanket on the back of the couch and I just went at it launching balls and I counted 50 balls without any degredation in launching ability. This thing is really underrated as far as I’m concerned. – Dawn D.

Get iFetch Here

6. Help Them Keep Watch Over Their Pets (Or Their House) While They’re Away With This Wi-Fi Security Camera

Promising Review: Great wifi camera ,very simple operation and installation.
Comes with a handy manual, connects to the internet with a simple step by step guide.You can control it using your mobile phone to rotate and look up and down ,every corner of my room can be seen. Its image is very clear and there are 3 different quality choices so that can work flawlessly even with slower internet connection . Works great and can be used as baby camera as well. – Petya N.

Get The TOACOCO Pet Camera Here

7. Can’t Stop Taking Pictures Of Their Pups? This Selfie Stick Is Guaranteed To Get Their Dog’s Attention For A Quality Photo!

Promising Review: The only way we were able to get this picture! Might seem silly but totally worth it to us “crazy” pup parents!- Kendra F.

Get The Selfie Ball Here

8. Help Them Tag Their Pooch Without The Jingly, Jangly Dog Tags!

Promising Review: This is my now my 3rd purchase from GoTags and all 3 have turned out perfectly! I foster pitbulls and these tags are inexpensive enough for me to get each foster his or her own. The silencer is also an awesome addition! It keeps my pups tags quiet and the fact that it’s glow in the dark is just an extra bonus. I’m very happy with my purchases so far and will continue to use GoTags for my fosters! – Stefanee

Get GoTags Here

9. Make Traveling Easier For Them and Their Pooch With The Original Travel Mug For Dogs!

Promising Review: We have 4 dogs and have wasted a lot of water over the years in collapsible bowls. Purchased this before taking them all for a week long beach trip and now wish we had discovered it sooner! So easy to use (especially on the go), no waste, and the dogs love it! We do a lot of hiking with our pups and are thrilled to find something to make water breaks so much quicker and easier! – T. Wood

Get The Highwave AutoDogMug Here

10. Bathtime Will Never Be The Same With This Innovative Sprayer And Scrubber (And They’ll Thank You For It)

Promising Review: My dog is terrified of the bath! But with this hand held sprayer, it’s so easy to bathe her. Bath time is so much faster and more comfortable for her now. She doesn’t try to jump out of the tub because she’s terrified of the shower head, now she stays in and is very calm (I think because it probably feel like a massage to her and gives the sesnsation that I’m petting her). – H. Wood

Get The AquaPaw Pet Bathing Tool Here

11. Everyone Worries About Their Pets While They’re Away. Put Someone’s Mind At Ease With This Automatic Food Dispenser.

Promising Review: This is what I was looking for. it works. once you get the right amount of food adjusted it is just pour some food in every couple of weeks and that’s it. I have 2 cats and only bad thing is they freak out and go crazy run for it when the food comes out. I love that you can record a message to your pet. it works even if the power goes off for a while. this is worth the price and I don’t spend money on stuff like this but im soooo glad I did. You know your lazy so get this and be a bit lazier.- Vonroper

Get The Smart Pet Feeder Here

12. For Athletic Pet Owners: Help Them Kill Two Birds With One Stone With This Adjustable Hands-Free Dog Leash For Workouts!

Promising Review: I have a very active dog that needs multiple long walks per day and I already walked her with a fanny pack, so I didn’t want to purchase one of the hands-free leashes that came with a fanny pack. I tried this one and it was PERFECT. It extends long enough to give my dog freedom to walk in a complete circle around me and it snaps on and off quickly. – Ashley J.

Get The Hands-Free Running Leash Here

13. Do They Have A Runner On Their Hands? This Pet Tracker Combines GPS, Wi-Fi-, Bluetooth, and Long-Distance Transmission Tech To Ensure No Lost Pet Is Unfindable

Promising Review: I’ve had this tracker for a few days and tried it in the woods and on the beach in NJ, with one of my dogs. It worked well and gave me peace of mind. The app is easy to use and location was always accurate. The battery lasted quite long as I did not have to face the need to charge during our outings. The design is nice and all looks quite sturdy. -Tatiana

Get The Pet GPS Tracker Here

14. Cat Lover? They’ll Wish They’d Found This Sooner! This Ripple Rug Won ‘Best Cat Toys for Gifts’ on BuzzFeed, Vogue, and Heavy!

Promising Review: I have to say, when I opened the package, I didn’t get it. It is is this lumpy brown rug that I laid down on my kitchen floor and thought, there goes $40. But wait a second, here come my cats. I have three. They immediately started playing with it. I’ve now had it for a couple of weeks and the cats absolutely love it. They drag their possessions to the rug (and some of mine, too) and hide things, they play, they nap, they just really like it. So, it isn’t lovely to MY eyes, but, then I’m not a cat. To my cats, this is nirvana. – Lesili

Get The Snuggly Cat Mat Here

15. Help Them Save A FORTUNE On Kitty Litter With This Ingenious Cat-Training Kit. As Seen On SharkTank!

Promising Review: I highly recommend at least trying this system- it’s reasonably priced and could save you thousands of dollars if you’re consistent and your cat cooperates. If not, you’re only out the cost of a bag or 2 of litter. – Amazon Customer

Get The CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Pack Here

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