1. Every World Traveller Needs A Map – This Beautifully Detailed Chart Of The World Will Let Them Scratch Off The Places They’ve Been, And Mark The Places They’re Going.

Promising Review: I gave this as a gift to a traveler. He really liked the way it is and when I informed him that you scratch off all the countries he visited he was so surprised. I put it in a poster frame that I bought at Walmart. Nice idea for someone who travels. -M . King

Get The World Travel Map Here

2. A Little Inspiration Doesn’t Hurt Either. This Beautifully Illustrated Guided Travel Journal Is Great For Helping Them Explore New And Exciting Places!

Promising Review: I bought this travel journal to bring with me on my first trip to Hawaii! My husband and I are adventurous types so we hate the beaten path, so to speak. This little journal helped us find places and experience things we would never have before. My favorite “challenge” in the journal is to ask a local to draw a map to their favorite place in the city. When we asked a couple to fill out the page, we not only discovered a secret local beach spot, but we made two new friends. I didn’t go anywhere without this little book and a bag of fine-tip markers* to write/draw/color with. Highly recommend for travelers who want to get a little more out of their visits. – Jess

Get The Travel Journal For The Curious Minded Here

3. Could They Use A Little Immune Support? This Powerful New Personal Air Purifier Removes 99% of Airborne Viruses & Allergens!

Promising Review: I have purchased three of these. I discovered it when looking for resources to help protect my immune system when going through chemotherapy. Also bought one for my dad to use when he went to doctors’ offices or was out and about to protect his immune system. We did not ‘catch’ the flu or a cold during the past year. I like that I felt safe when going to hospitals and doctors’ offices that are rife with people sick with infections. – LRJ

Get AirTamer Here

4. Help Them Keep All Their Cords, Chargers, Batteries, Flash Drives, And Cables Completely Organized With This Waterproof Travel Organizer!

Promising Review: I needed a solution to organize all digital accessories, batteries and cables. The BUBM Cable Bag easily accommodates my HDMI cables, ear buds, chargers and AA/AAA batteries. Great price for the functionality. Owned for about 3 months. I travel often for work and BUBM is holding up well with no visible signs of wear & tear.Highly recommended. – Dranreb

Get The BUBM Travel Organizer Here

5. Want To Improve Their Flight Experience? This Pocket-sized Wine Aerator Enhances The Flavor Of That $10 Airplane Wine In 15 Seconds By Rapidly Introducing Oxygen.

Promising Review: I did a test where I poured 2 glasses and just used the aerator on one. My boyfriend and I concurred. There was a noted difference in a glass poured that wasn’t aerated with the Eparé and one that was. I now use it for every glass of wine I drink and enjoy it thoroughly. It’s small enough to travel with and to bring to restaurants. I haven’t compared it against other aerators but for the size and price and effect – it works for me. – Susan B.

Get The Epare Pocket Wine Aerator Here

6. Help Them Keep All Those Vacation Photos & Videos On Their Phone SAFE From Viruses and Accidental Deletion!

Promising Review: I had a grand total of about 60,000 images, with many duplicates. This little “stick” managed to eliminate the duplicates so that I now have about 24,000 originals preserved forever in a fire-proof vault, a cost-free and independent method of safekeeping. – Cyril R.

Get The Photostick Mobile Here

7. Help Them Look Great Wherever They Go, Without The Stress – This Traveling Makeup Bag Opens Flat Into An Easy-To-Dig-Through, Simple-To-Repack Mat!

Promising Review: So…I LOVE this makeup pouch. It makes cleaning up after a makeup application simple and quick! It holds way more than I ever thought. Also great for traveling and on the go! I like it so much, I’m ordering another for everyday toiletries like deodorant, toothpaste, moisturizer etc! I wish it came in additional colors though so I would know which one holdS what! -Bossypants

Get The 2 In 1 Cosmetic Makeup Mat Case Here

8. Here’s A Great Choice For Someone Who Lives In The Airport – A Water-Resistant Laptop Backpack With A USB Charging Port, Over A Dozen Pockets, And An Anti-Theft Lock!

Promising Review: Actually waterproof! I’ve walked for 20+ minutes in rain with this on my back a few times, to find that nothing inside was even slightly damp. Fair comfortable to wear with 20+ lbs stuffed inside. Great organization setup. Would buy again. – Dallas S.

Get The Mancro Laptop Backpack Here

9. Flexsafe Can Keep Their Valuables Safe ANYWHERE They Go!

Promising Review: I had a grand total of about 60,000 images, with many duplicates. This little “stick” managed to eliminate the duplicates so that I now have about 24,000 originals preserved forever in a fire-proof vault, a cost-free and independent method of safekeeping. – R. Evans

Get Flexsafe Here

10. Flying On A Budget? They’ll Love This Memory Foam Footrest That Turns Tight Seating Into First Class Accommodations.

Promising Review: I bought these for my daughter and myself for our trip to Australia. They made a very long flight much more comfortable! Highly recommended! -Johnboyltd

Get The Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest Here

11. Seriously – Who Wouldn’t Want A Neck Pillow That Doubles As A Hoodie For Long Flights?

Promising Review: Super comfortable. I bought one for my husband and now I want one for myself. The hood was the perfect size, big enough to cover your eyes and give you some darkness and privacy if that’s what you want, and the memory foam is really supportive. I will be ordering another! – kat_mintie

Get The HoodiePillow Here

12. They’ll Never Regret Packing The “Wrong” Shoes For A Trip – Vivian Lou Insoles Will Help Them Wear Their Favorite Heels 4x Longer WITHOUT Pain

Promising Review: These insoles are the truth. I wore them to work to test them out. I can usually only do about 2 hours before I have to change shoes. with these insoles there is no pain. I forgot I had them on. I love them. 5 stars… I can wear my heels again. YAY. – Lisa

Get Vivian Lou Here

13. For Even More Help Sleeping On Flights, Get Them This 3D Sleep Mask!

Promising Review: I’ve gone through maybe a dozen eye masks over the years. This is by far my favorite. I even brought it to work to show my coworker so she would order one! That gave me the opportunity to test it with eye makeup and nope, doesn’t mess it up! – Amazon Customer

Get The ZGGCD 3D Sleep Mask Here

14. Nothing Ruins A Trip Like A Dead Phone With No Charger. That’s Why This Portable Charger With Patented SmartSpeed Technology Is A MUST HAVE!

Promising Review: I love it so much I bought a second for the wife. And now thinking about 3rd one for the car. I have small tray area where I put my phone now. But with the wireless charging I can just throw in the cubby hole and have wireless charging in my car. It’s smaller than my Asus charger so I can slip in my pocket with phone. – Epic

Get ChargeHubGo+ Here

15. Everyone Hates Unexpected Luggage Fees. So We’re Sure They’ll Appreciate This Digital Luggage Scale That Measures Luggage Before They Check It In.

Promising Review: Currently 30 weeks pregnant and started experiencing super swollen feet and ankles the last 2 days and was in a lot of pain by the end of the night. I wore my compression socks today and they are barely swollen today. They feel so much better! I have a desk job so I was worried they would be too tight to wear all day sitting but they were super comfortable! – Lisa C.

Get Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks Here

16. Help Them Get (And Keep) Their Glasses Clean And Scratch-Free On The Go!

Promising Review: These peeps are way better than I was expecting them to be. They’re thin pads and really get in to the edges of glasses where it’s hard to wipe unless you use a nail. I like that you don’t ever touch the pads with your fingers, so unlike lens cloths, you don’t get your hand oils on the cloth, which then just smears all over the glasses you’re trying to clean. – Erin

Get Peeps Here

17. Travelling With Pets Can Be Tough. Give Them This Leak-Proof Traveling Water Bottle, So Their Pups Can Stay Hydrated On The Go, The Easy Way!

Promising Review: We have 4 dogs and have wasted a lot of water over the years in collapsible bowls. Purchased this before taking them all for a week long beach trip and now wish we had discovered it sooner! So easy to use (especially on the go), no waste, and the dogs love it! We do a lot of hiking with our pups and are thrilled to find something to make water breaks so much quicker and easier! – T. Wood

Get The Highway AutoDogMug Here

18. Do They Have Trouble Getting A Good Night’s Sleep In Hotels? This New Sleep Device Will Help Them Quiet Their Mind And Drift Off To Sleep In MINUTES!

Promising Review: For years I have had problems sleeping. It seemed like whenever I lay my head down, my mind kicked in. I tried pills, exercise, anything I could to get to sleep. I heard about the Dodow and thought I would give it a try. The blue light is actually soothing and the breathing technique helps for total relaxation. I can honestly say that I don’t even make it through the 8 minute cycle before drifting off. I highly recommend this product for anyone who needs help shutting down at night. – Larry F.

Get Dodow Here

19. Give Them The Power To Stop Splitting Headaches Anywhere – No Need To Find A Drugstore On The Road

Promising Review: I have suffered from migraines for many years – every day I get at least a headache or migraine. I have prescribed medication that takes the edge off most days, but never fully. I literally laughed out loud when I heard what Aculief’s intent was and thought it was bogus. However, I was up for anything! Just 30 seconds into using this product I became a lifer. I use Aculief anytime I am getting head pain and it will relieve the pain – sometimes if the pain was already dull enough, taking it away completely – if you have read until this point, I haven’t felt that in years. This product is 5 stars+, thank you! – Samantha M.

Get Aculief Here

20. This One Is Huge. This Mini Espresso Machine Turns Their Favorite Nespresso Pods Into Delicious Coffee When They’re On The Go!

Promising Review: I take long trips on my motorcycle, most often staying in roadside motels along the way. The Wacaco Minipresso is ideal for making a delicious early morning latte. After heating boiling water and warming milk in the in-room microwave, I insert a Nespresso pod (Peet’s pods are excellent) and pump. The pods are clean and easier to use than ground coffee. – John R.

Get The Wacaco Minipresso NS Here

21. We Know A Few People Who Would Love This – This Adorable Handbag Fits All The Wine They Need To Get Through Any Situation (Traveling Or Not)

Promising Review: This is my 2nd bag. Left the first one at a hotel. I was devastated lol. I like the red color and its Perfect…..everyone needs one! – Audra P.

Get The Wine Bag Tote Here

22. Help Them Protect Their Expensive Wedding Rings With These Silicone Rings For Travel And Activities!

Promising Review: My son bought this ring for me on my birthday . He couldn’t have made me happier, I love the color, very comfortable. I love that it never has to come off, doesn’t catch my hair. I really do love it! – Misty C.

Get The Enso Infinity Silicone Ring Here

23. Help Them Say “Goodbye” To Luggage With Keys & Combos – And “Hello” To A Smart Lock (hint: Control Multiple Locks On One App)

Promising Review: I absolutely love these! I am on here to purchase more locks. I purchased 4 of these from AirBolt’s Indiegogo campaign. I have used them to travel within and outside the US. I love the ease of use, the app works great, and I have never had any problems with lost articles and my bags are consistently checked by TSA. (Gotta love those notes in your luggage…) I like how I can find where my lock is if I have misplaced it. – 4xamominparadise

Get Airbolt Here

24. Let’s Be Honest – Hotel Shampoo Sucks. But This Cheap But Effective Dry Shampoo To Help Them Skip Washing Their Hair At Every Hotel Stop.

Promising Review: This is by far the cheapest and best working dry shampoo, that I’ve ever use over the years. I have oily hair, and would absolutely recommend this product to those looking for a fresh look everyday. It saves me 20 minutes when it comes to getting ready and gives volume to fine hair as well as texture. Be sure to spray the product in sections , then brush and massage through your roots. Give it a few minutes to absorb oils left on your hair. You don’t need a lot. My sister and mom now use this product as well after trying mine. – BMS

Get Batiste Dry Shampoo Here

25. And Last But Not Least …This Smart Bottle Attachment Will Remind Them To Stay Hydrated Wherever They Go!

Promising Review: I had a really hard time remembering to drink water at work because I am on the computer all day. This device is great because it flashes when I forget and i can see it even if I am on a call or engrossed in an order. I would highly recommend. – Kelley K.

Get Ulla Here

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