1. Do They Have A Taste For Spice? Get Them A DIY Hot Sauce Kit That’ll Make Em’ Sweat!

Promising Review: Great Product! I bought it as a gift for Fathers day since my dad enjoys spicy food as well as cooking in general! I would highly suggest this particular product after researching other type products on Amazon and other websites. This kit had everything we needed and more! It was very well packed. When we opened the product it had everything as described and a nice personal note inside! It was fun, thoughtful, exciting, creative, and interesting all wrapped inside of one box! – Sean M.

Get The Hot Sauce Kit Here

2. Give Them The Power To Fix Virtually ANYTHING In Seconds

Promising Review: Great product. Really works well. I bought a couple as gifts and everyone loves them. Even for that hard to buy for person. – R. Lim

Get Bondic Here

3. This Kit Let Them Construct Their Own Heat-Treated, Stainless Steel Folding Knife!

Featured on the Today Show, NBC, Esquire and The Wall Street Journal, the Folding Knife Making Kit gives any guy the opportunity to assemble and shape his own flip-out folding knife.

He’s sure to flip out when he sees this (get it?).

Get The Man Crates Knife-Making Kit Here

4. Help Them Release Their Own Tension & Ease Neck Pain In Minutes – At Home, The Office, Or ANYWHERE Else!

Neck Hammock | Pass Gas in Peace

Promising Review: I have pinched nerves in 5 6 and 7.was told to go into physical therapy but i saw this and wanted to try it first. OMG. I had relief within just a few minutes of using the neck hammock.no need for therapy now. It is amazing. I bought 2 more for gifts. – Cindy H.

Get Neck Hammock Here

5. Give Them The Tools They Needs To Make Their Own 3D Masterpieces!

Promising Review: This is a fantastic 3d pen, I highly recommend this for yourself or as a gift. This pen has a great comfortable design. I have tried a lot of different 3d pens and so far this is my favorite! The 8 speed settings really help to add details. I would highly suggest purchasing additional filament at the same time as you can get more colors, and more colors lets your imagination run wild. – 3dpentie

Get The 3D Printing Pen Here

6. That ‘Check Engine Light’ Can Mean THOUSANDS of Things – This Will Show Them EXACTLY What It Is!

Promising Review: I’m a mechanic, and the only one of my friends who is. I’m always getting calls from my family and friends asking me to help with their cars, and sometimes it gets pretty frustrating. What FIXD has done for me is allow me to give my friends a way to identify and solve problems on their own, and so far the 4 people I’ve gifted these to have all been extremely satisfied with the product, and I’m extremely satisfied with the ease of use that allows my friends to give me an accurate description of issues. This has saved me a lot of time and stress, and while I still have to work on my friends cars a lot of the time, I at least know what I’m getting into. There are other scanners with equal capabilities that are cheaper, but I’m more than happy to pay a higher price when I’m getting a high quality product that’s easy to use and understand.

Get FIXD Car Diagnostic Tool Here

7. Give The Power Of Invention With This Kit That Turns The World Into A Science Project!

Promising Review: I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, however my 11 yr old/ Techie Son had the biggest thrill with this kit.. and so did Mom! Lol Did not expect to hear real music coming from the attachments of random household items, such as fruit!! Will definitely purchase more 🙂 PS… this Xmas gift got almost as much attention as his new X Box!!! – Yvette

Get The Makey Invention Kit Here

8. Health Nut? They’ll LOVE Making Their Own Healthy Kombucha!

Promising Review: I bought this as a gift for a family member and I’m so happy to see how thrilled she was with it! The packaging was very nice and everything you need to make the tea was in there. She is so excited to try the tea when it’s done and I’m hoping to start my own Kombucha as well! I got this kit at a discount in exchange for my honest review. – Rebecca C.

Get The Kombucha Kit Maker Here

9. This Magnetic Wristband Is The Perfect “Right-Hand Man” For The Mr. Fix-It In Your Life

Promising Review: Got it for handy husband as a gift. Loves it, uses it all the time. Makes his life much easier – and mine too, I am not hearing complaints about loosing screws. It’s a win win. – Zilaveta

Get The HORUSDY Magnetic Tool Wristband Here

10. For The Tea Drinker In Your Life – Help Them Make Their Own Unique, Aromatic Tea Blends!

Promising Review: I ordered this set for my friend for her birthday. She is just getting into the realm of loose leaf tea, and I thought this would be a fun way for her to experiment. The packaging of the tea is great, and the shipping container smelled lovely when I opened it. I like how each tea and flavoring is in its own little metal tin, that seal up to keep them fresh. – Cameorose

Get The Create Your Own Tea Blend Starter Kit Here

11. What’s More Therapeutic Than A Good Bath Bomb? Knowing They Made It Themselves!

Promising Review: This is the BEST. It made easily double the number of bath bombs it claimed to make and I gave them as gifts for Christmas to rave reviews. I used one myself and I felt so soft and smelled great afterwards. The lemon and lavender scents were nice (and are real essential oils). I hated the other scent, but there was plenty of the other two to not have to use it. – Amazon Customer

Get The Bath Bomb Making Kit Here

12. Are They Having Computer Trouble? This FixMeStick May Be The “IT Help” They Need!

Promising Review: This is a great product!

It found a trojan virus on one of my PC-s I always thought of as safe. It took a while to scan a large hard-drive but the results are well worth it. It’s a lifesaver when you have a PC in trouble. I think it’s also a great gift for friends and family, will help them keep computers clean. I was surprised how well the stick works not just with Windows but also with Linux computers. Worked just by plugging the stick in PC and launching the software. No questions asked about WiFi passwords or anything similar, the stick went straight to business. – Karen G.

Get The FixMeStick Here

13. Beer Aficionado? Show Them That Brewing The Beer Can Be (Almost) As Fun As Much Drinking It!

Promising Review: I highly recommend to buy this kit for starters. My bf always wanted to brew beer and always mentioned it to his friends and family but never started it until I bought this kit for his Christmas & birthday gift (it counted for two important events ha-ha). He was so happy to see that the box included everything to start brewing beer. Of course you will need to buy extra accessories if you go for special size of glass bottles of different airlock. Since then he continues brewing and experimenting with other ingredients that can be found in local brewing stores and he is still using all the things that were included in this kit. – Edna V.

Get The HomeBrewing Starter Kit Here

14. Can’t Get Enough Sparkling Water? Now They Can Make Their Own At The Push Of A Button!

Promising Review: This is the second Soda stream i have bought. I got this one as a gift. I really cant express how nice having this in my house has been. I love sparkling water and I bet I am saving $30-40 a month by making my own. Controlling the level of fizz os nice, as my husband and I prefer different amounts. The fact that they now come in gorgeous colors is just a plus. Great buy! – Jenn

Get The SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker Here

15. Give Them All The Tools They Need To Turn Milk into Wonderful, Delicious, Preservative Free, Non-GMO Cheese In As Little As 20 Minutes!!!

Promising Review: Bought this as a birthday gift for my girlfriend. The mozzarella was very easy to make and came out tasting great! The kit has more than enough ingredients to make it multiple times, all you need to buy is the milk! – Jake

Get The Make Your Own Cheese Kit Here

16. For Those That (Wish) They Had A Green Thumb – Seedsheets Lets Them Grow Their Own Herbs And Produce Easily!

Promising Review: Love this concept of growing my own herbs on my apartment porch. I received my Herb Seed Sheet in late July (7/23) and by now (8/21) it is flourishing. The key was sun and good watering. I have previously bought individual plants from the grocery, but I always forget about them so it was a waste of money. So I like having all the herbs in one place. I also bought one for a gift for my sister for her kids to see grow and maintain themselves as a project. – Sylvia V.

Get SeedSheets Here

17. Help Them Make Their Own Sushi With The Confidence Of A Real Chef!

Promising Review: Bought this for a sushi gift basket I put together for a Christmas Gift. We were able to make sushi as a family. The utensils worked well to scoop and spread rice on the nori sheets, much better than metal ustensils. We used plastic wrap between the nori sheet and rolling mat to keep clean. This was easy for my 12 year old to use. – Billie

Get The Sushi Making Kit Here

18. New MIT Patented Technology Lets You Test Your Vision & Update Your Prescription Right From Home!

Promising Review: I had my son, myself and my husband take our eye exams via the EyeQue Insight, and it was very fascinating to use, simple and accurate. My husband and I felt the adult test was appropriate in length, the childrens was a bit to long in our sons opinion but still fun and engaged him. Having this around at home to check your eyes make it much easier to order prescriptions via the internet, without having to worry about the hassle of going to a doctor aside from once a year for that peace of mind. With children losing their glasses, we find ourselves purchasing glasses and getting eye exams two to three times a year, this makes that process seamless. Very cool device, with fun graphics, super intuitive! – Sonia U.

Get EyeQue Here

19. This 5 Star – Rated Nut Milk Bag Is Awesome For Making Almond Milk, Cold-Brew Coffee, Sprouting, Seed Milk, Greek Yogurt, Iced T – Even Homemade Juice!

Promising Review: This is the best nut milk bag I have used. Now I only use this one. It makes smooth, creamy almond milk that is not too grainy. I have already bought five for myself and as gifts. – L. Smith

Get The Homemade Nut Milk Kit Here

20. These Gloves Are Great For Repairing, Working in Dark Places, Fishing, Camping, Hiking and Outdoor Activities!

Promising Review: This was the best gift to give to my husband who is an electrician who always is using a flashlight but needs his hands as well. there are two lights on each glove – one on index finger and one on thumb and lights are BRIGHT! my husband has big hands so was worried about the fit but material is spandex so stretches a lot. would recommend!  – Yvonne H.

Get The Coroler Flashlight Gloves Here

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