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20 Stocking Stuffers To Surprise Your Whole List

Stockings are the perfect example of why size doesn’t always matter. Sometimes big surprises can come in little packages – or in this case, oversized socks! So, today we’re here to help you delight your loved ones with 20 truly marvelous stocking stuffers. They all fit inside a sock, and they’re sure to bring unexpected joy to whoever receives them. As always, you’ll also find some great deals and discounts here… so get ready to fill those stockings with just a few clicks!

1. FIXD - Prevent $1000s in Car Repairs

Let’s face it: Mechanics are out to make money. Some are more trustworthy than others… but why even take the chance when something like FIXD exists? This little device plugs into your car, then tells you what’s wrong – in plain English. Now you can confidently avoid unnecessary trips to the mechanic (and save thousands of dollars in repairs)!

What we love about FIXD:
  • Quickly diagnoses that “Check Engine” light (and other problems)
  • Easy plugs into any and all cars – gas, diesel, or hybrid!
  • Feels like having a mechanic in your pocket
  • Alerts you in real time of over 7,000 potential issues with your car
  • Can link multiple FIXD sensors to one account to monitor every car in your family and keep them safe
  • FIXD

    Retail: $69.99

    Your Price: $59.99

  • Buy 1 Get 1 50% OFF


    Buy 2 Get 1 FREE


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