In the wake of recent events, we’re all finding ourselves at home… well, let’s just say, a lot more than normal.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it to follow guidelines for social distancing, self-isolation, or even quarantine. The fact is, spending all day long inside 4 walls—with or without kids—while trying to balance your health, your work, and your sanity is not easy.

So to help you take care of yourself—and to keep any boredom at bay (yours or the kids!)—we’ve pulled together a list of 11 incredible products that, quite simply, do both. Read on to find out what they are…


1. Feel Like You’re Outside Even When You’re Inside

Get all the cool vibes of a stylish outdoor gathering, in your living room! Practical, modern, and attractive, these lightweight Bluetooth speakers can play your favorite music for up to 6 hours nonstop! What’s more, you can pair them up for that complete “surround sound” effect. Try playing your favorite stress-relief tracks or nature sounds on them, they’ll delight your ears (and your eyes)!

Reader Tip: “The quality is exceptional! I bought these for gifts and every person raves about them. I will definitely purchase again.” – Ginni

Get Cool Outdoor Vibes Anywhere You Want


2. Have Kids? Try This For No More “Scary” Dark Bathrooms

It’s a given: most kids are scared of the dark—and would prefer not to venture out of their safe, warm beds in the middle of the night when they need to go to the bathroom. But when tensions are running high like they are these days, they can be even more nervous about leaving their room (even if they really, really need to go). That’s why smart parents are using this neat device that not only makes their kids’ fears of the dark disappear, but also prevents messy toilet misses!

Reader Tip: “My grandchildren LOVE them so much as the bathrooms are never dark anymore.” – Jerrilyn

Banish The “Scary Dark Bathroom” With This Device


3. Finally! It’s Now Possible To Reduce EMF Radiation In Your Home


Our homes are filled with more devices than ever before – laptops, WiFi routers, phones, game consoles – the list goes on. They’re quite useful… but sadly, they also emit heavy amounts of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation, which our bodies absorb like a sponge. This can cause headaches, fatigue and more! That’s why we love smartDOTs – they reduce the EMF radiation coming from any device they’re attached to without causing any problems with the device itself. Genius!

Reader Tip:Thank you to smartDOT for clearing my headaches and giving me more energy when working at home. I feel much better and have started putting dots on everything much to my husband’s amusement! Whenever I ask your advice or help with something, I receive a detailed reply really quickly, a great service, thank you! I thoroughly recommend these products.” – I. Watson

Protect Yourself From EMF Radiation


4. Use This To Wipe Away Work-Life Balance Headaches And Migraines

It’s a fact: stress and anxiety are the two major triggers of headaches and migraines. And if you’ve got kids home 24/7, are adjusting to new work-from-home arrangements, or are simply having more “screen time” than normal, you might be experiencing more of them than usual. But now you can literally erase tension headaches and stress-induced migraines without pills and without leaving your home, using this tiny, med-free device.

Reader Tip: “I use this when I feel a headache coming on, and it subsides within minutes.” – Jordan

Use This To Wipe Away Headaches And Migraines


5. Finish Up All Those Tiny “Fix It” Projects, Fast

If you have a little more “down time” at home than normal, why not take the opportunity to sort out all those tiny home projects that need fixing? You know, the ones that look like they’ll take 5 minutes… but end up taking 10 times as long? Well, now you can get them all straightened out—and fast!—with this dentist’s invention that can build, bond, fix, or fill pretty much anything in 4 seconds or less.

Reader Tip: “I have used it to tie fishing flies, repair jewelry and multiple craft projects. Cures in 4 seconds. This stuff is workable until you’re ready to cure it and wipes right off to start over.” – Amy

Finish Every Little “Fix It” Project With This


6. Confidently Get Prescription Glasses Online By Testing Your Eyes— All By Yourself

In line with social distancing guidelines, many non-urgent health services are temporarily closing their doors… which means if your prescription glasses suddenly break or were anyway due to be replaced, getting an eye exam so you can get a new pair will be tricky, if not impossible. But with this MIT-patented technology, you can accurately test your eyes by yourself and confidently order new or replacement prescription glasses online.

Reader Tip: “Decided to try it since I needed a new eyeglasses prescription. Using it to test my eyes was really easy. I had a pair of bifocals made using the numbers given by the EyeQue test results, and they perform well.” – Reuben

Accurately Test Your Eyesight At Home


7. A Million Thoughts Running Through Your Head? Fall Asleep And Stay Asleep With This

With multiple changes to our normal routines and constant news updates, it’s no wonder many are finding it difficult to fall asleep (and stay asleep) without their minds racing. What’s more, multiple studies show that sleep is crucial in reducing stress and promoting a healthy, strong immune system. So if you’re struggling to “switch off” at night, check out the device that’s helping over 500,000 former insomniacs get calm and fall asleep peacefully.

Reader Tip: “I don’t even make it through the 8 minute cycle before drifting off. I highly recommend this product for anyone who needs help shutting down at night.” – Larry

Try This To Sleep Peacefully All Night Long


8. Turn Off Back Pain Like A Light Switch With This “Magic” Patch

Leaving the office behind while transitioning to a home office is one thing. Leaving behind your ergonomic office chair… that’s another! So if you’re “making do” right now with a dining chair, your sofa, or even a bean bag, your back might be feeling achier than normal. If so, then check out this patch that uses nanotechnology (not meds!) to quickly relieve aches and pains. The best part? It lasts 5 years and you can use it not just on your back, but anywhere on your body!

Reader Tip: “The pain went away within seconds. I have been suffering from daily muscle spasms and tightening… I have tried everything and still, pain. It has (so far) given me amazing relief from the daily pain I’ve been feeling.” – Michael

Get Rid Of Back Pain Fast


9. Grow Delicious Herbs In Your Living Room (And Minimize Future Grocery Runs)

Looking forward to experimenting with your cooking skills… but not to waiting in line for hours at the store just to get a bunch of fresh herbs? Well, now you can spice up your cooking anytime you want with delicious herbs grown right in your living room! From dill to cilantro, to parsley, basil and more, this will help you grow up to $92 worth of non-GMO, fresh & tasty herbs even if you know nothing about taking care of plants.

Reader Tip: “Way, way easy to use. Perfect for patio, balcony or other places where an in-ground or raised-bed garden are not practical. Good idea for sharing the growing process with children. I am going to give as a gift.” – Mike

Grow Fresh And Tasty Herbs The No-Brainer Way


10. Back Up All Your Precious Memories In Just One Click Or Tap

One of those things we like to “put off for a rainy day” is, you guessed it, backing up all our old photos and videos. But sitting for hours on end deleting duplicates and waiting for files to finish transferring… isn’t a whole lot of fun Well, these handy inventions let you back up tens of thousands of photos and videos—in mere minutes—whether they’re on your phone or your computer. So you can spend more time enjoying your memories (and less sorting through them)…

Reader Tip: “I had a grand total of about 60,000 images, with many duplicates. This little “stick” managed to eliminate the duplicates so that I now have about 24,000 originals preserved forever in a fire-proof vault.” – Cyril

Quickly Back Up Precious Memories On Your Computer
-AND- On Your Phone


11. Say Bye-Bye To “Screen Time”-Induced Neck Aches

Whether you’re now working from home… or finding yourself doing more “screen time” than normal, you may be feeling some tension building up in your neck and spine. In fact, roughly 30-50% of US adults suffer from stiff and sore necks, all year long! That’s where this doctor’s genius invention comes in—just wrap it around your neck and it gently stretches your muscles and elongates your spine to help you relax and unwind in as little as 10 minutes.

Reader Tip: “It’s nice to come home from staring at a computer all day to relax in the hammock. It takes all the stress off my neck.” – Kim

Get Instant Relief From Neck Ache And Tension

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